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We didn’t have to do all that heavy coding or worry about security and all sorts of other major headaches associated with IoT. It really was a much quicker, easier, and cost-effective way to get operational than trying to build something from the ground up.
Nathan Lorenz
VP of Engineering at Envirofit


Envirofit is using Particle to remotely monitor the the indoor emission reduction impacts of their ultra-efficient, clean energy cookstoves. These wood-fueled stoves are engineered to reduce harmful emissions and conserve fuel, all while taking traditional cooking customs into consideration. Recently, the Honduran government partnered with Envirofit to deliver stoves to local communities in need. To ensure the stoves were being adopted, Envirofit equipped 1,000 stoves with temperature sensors and Particle Electrons to record exactly when and for how long the stoves are in use by the families who own them. Moving forward, they plan on using the Particle platform to gather even more data on their stoves in the field, including real-time emissions monitoring.


Setting & Goals

  • Over 3 billion people around the world cook with biomass over open fires inside their home
  • Traditional open fire cooking results in over 1 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • Also results in 4.3 million deaths per year due to in-home air pollution
  • Average energy impoverished family spends two hours per day collecting firewood, or spends up to a third of their weekly income


  • Envirofit stoves reduce wood consumption by approximately 60%
  • Reduce smoke and toxic emissions by up to 80%
  • Cooks up to 50% faster
  • 1.5 million stoves sold worldwide
  • Pilot of 1,000 smart cookstoves equipped with Particle Electrons deployed in Honduras
  • 300,000 cookstoves planned to be deployed to families in Hondoras living at the base of the economic pyramid
  • Temperature sensors and Electrons monitor and report usage rates in real time
  • Reduced costs and more reliable data on adoption rates allow Envirofit to demonstrate effectiveness of their initiatives to government and NGO partners
  • They are also able to contact specific customers who aren’t using their stoves to understand why and help improve customer experience


Envirofit represents the very best of technology working for the greater good. Their one-of-a-kind cookstoves stand to save money, lives, and the environment all at once. And by integrating Particle into their operations, they’ve been able to reduce costs, increased transparency, and gained invaluable insights into the efficacy of their products. By doing so, Envirofit is even better equipped to serve their mission of public health and environmental sustainable.

About Particle

Particle is a scalable, reliable, and secure Internet of Things device platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily build, connect and manage their IoT solutions. As the most widely used IoT platform, Particle's tools are used by over 150,000 engineers in more than 170 countries, and by 8,500 companies. From device to connectivity to the cloud, Particle provides everything you need to develop and manage fleets of new IoT products.

About Envirofit

Envirofit was founded on the idea that enterprise principles can transform the development of household and commercial energy technologies for people living in extreme energy poverty. In 2003, Envirofit set out to change the way energy products were developed for people living in remote parts of the world. With a goal of improving harmful traditional cooking methods, Envirofit innovated a product line of aesthetic, high performance cookstoves tailored to the needs of customers in emerging and underdeveloped markets. Years of consumer research and product development proved that people who lack access to electricity and clean cooking solutions do desire and will buy high quality products that can improve their lives.

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