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The Particle Studios team was perfect for our business. With them by our side, we launched our IoT product in less than 6 months.
Scott Annan
CEO at Mycube


By harnessing the Particle edge-to-cloud IoT platform, Mycube has created a new product line of internet-connected safes that help keep customers' valuables secure and locked-away. With this new connected safe, customers can unlock their safes entirely from their mobile phone and can receive proactive alerts if someone has interacted with their safe while they are away.


  • ↑10% security - Mycube improved the security of their safes with proactive alerts.
  • ↑5% sales price — Mycube increased sales price by 5% due to new IoT functionality.
  • ↑10% feature deployment — Mycube can add new features and fix bugs quickly with Particle.


For Particle and Mycube, this IoT project has proven immensely successful. The building process was simplified by Particle’s handling of the complex IoT infrastructure, which enabled Mycube to focus on providing a great product and service.

Particle has helped many companies like Jacuzzi, Watsco, and Opti to build smart solutions that increase visibility and improve compliance. As a trusted partner, Particle can help you manage your smart solutions to significantly improve your service and customer experiences.

About Particle

Particle is a scalable, reliable, and secure Internet of Things device platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily build, connect and manage their IoT solutions. As the most widely used IoT platform, Particle's tools are used by over 150,000 engineers in more than 170 countries, and by 8,500 companies. From device to connectivity to the cloud, Particle provides everything you need to develop and manage fleets of new IoT products.

About Mycube

Over the years, Mycube has worked with the world’s greatest jewelers and been at the helm of one of the nation’s most established safe companies. The Mycube line is expanding under the guidance of Scott to include a whole range of products that keep customers' things safe, sound, and easy to find.

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