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We have had zero issues working with Particle’s IoT platform across continents. It just works.
Olin Lagon
CTO at Shifted Energy


Shifted Energy is transforming the way utility companies can collect, store, and manage renewable energy with IoT. With Particle’s platform, Shifted Energy is retrofitting already deployed water heaters into energy storage units. Essentially, electric water heaters can act as a battery to temporarily store renewable energy during the day, which utility companies can use to shift energy loads during peak demand hours. These newly enabled demand response assets will not only help stabilize the electricity grid, but engage millions of renters in grid modernization programs.


  • 50% Reduced Costs — Shifted Energy’s solution can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of typical batteries.
  • 30 Minute Installation — Shifted Energy’s device can be installed in 30 minutes due to cellular IoT and no plumbing requirements.
  • 40% Return on Investment — Shifted Energy estimates a greater than 40% return on investment from this project.


For Particle and Shifted Energy, this IoT project proved immensely successful. In September 2018, Shifted Energy deployed the first grid-integrated water heater (GIWH) solution at Manoa Gardens, and elderly assisted living facility in Hawaii. The five-year program is backed by Hawaiian Electric and Hawaii Energy to demonstrate the economic viability of using GIWH devices as demand response assets to provide valuable grid services.

About Particle

Particle is a scalable, reliable, and secure Internet of Things device platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily build, connect and manage their IoT solutions. As the most widely used IoT platform, Particle's tools are used by over 150,000 engineers in more than 170 countries, and by 8,500 companies. From device to connectivity to the cloud, Particle provides everything you need to develop and manage fleets of new IoT products.

About Shifted Energy

Shifted Energy develops and deploys integrated solutions to retrofit electric water heaters into grid-interactive energy storage devices.

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