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Particle’s ease of implementation and adaptability is really essential for our product’s continued evolution and success.
Robert Rankin
President, PM Power Products


StaffAlerter, from PM Power Products, is using Particle to make emergency and crisis response more capable and accessible. Originally designed for application in schools, StaffAlerter can be customized to send alerts, and receive and issue commands during practically any type of emergency situation. With Particle, StaffAlerter has found a highly adaptable, responsive, and comprehensive platform to scale and evolve their life-saving product.


Setting & challenges:

  • Growing concern over terror attacks and extreme weather events has led to a growing demand for emergency notification and response systems
  • The current “gold-standard” solution for emergency notification is the Mass Alert System (MAS). However, this solution is limited in its functionality, and prohibitively expensive ($30,000+) for most organizations
  • Mass Alert Systems also aren’t designed to integrate with existing infrastructures, such as emergency phone systems and sensors.


  • StaffAlerter uses the Photon, Electron, and smart sensors to produce a highly-customizable, IoT-based Mass Alert System
  • StaffAlerter provides significantly more functionality than traditional MASs for a fraction of the price (< $2,000)
  • Can be used for dozens of applications, including: bomb threat notification, automated gunshot alerting, industrial monitoring, severe weather alerts, emergency remote door locking and unlocking, and more.
  • Particle hardware and cloud platform provide StaffAlerter with the speed and flexibility required to develop a wide variety of integrations and applications

About Particle

Particle is a scalable, reliable, and secure Internet of Things device platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily build, connect and manage their IoT solutions. As the most widely used IoT platform, Particle's tools are used by over 150,000 engineers in more than 170 countries, and by 8,500 companies. From device to connectivity to the cloud, Particle provides everything you need to develop and manage fleets of new IoT products.

About PM Power Products

StaffAlerter is an innovative mass alerts solution made by PM Power Products. PM Power Products is a developer and manufacturer of a full range of telephony, power and data products based in Dublin, Ohio. PMPP’s exclusive U.S. distributor is Presence Management, which is also North America’s largest distributor of Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS Telephony products. PMPP works closely with Presence Management to provide world class training and product support for dealers of PM Power Product’s full line, which includes: StaffAlerter, the next generation IoT notification system, power management and survivability products, equipment cabinets, and remote control devices. Presence Management currently has territories open for the PM Power Products line.

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