A Secure, Scalable, and Customizable IoT Solution to Launch and Grow Your Fleet

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  • Global Connectivity
  • Over-The-Air Updates
  • Theft and Loss Prevention
  • Rider Safety with Speed Protection and Crash Detection
  • Mobility Data Standard-Compliant
  • Battery Life Optimization
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Precise Real-Time GPS Location Monitoring

Speaking Sessions

  • Date: September 1st & September 3rd, 2021
  • Time: 2:00-2:45PM & 12-12:45PM
  • Location: Berlin & Paris, Conference Center East

Micro: The Future of Fleets

Exploring how trends in urbanization, decarbonization policies, vehicle electrification and consumer habits (e-commerce, on-demand delivery services, etc.) converge to present a unique opportunity for vehicle brands and manufacturers when designing the light electric vehicles (LEVs) of the future.


Meet your Eurobike Speaker

Nate Wang

New Mobility | Account Executive

Nate started commuting with an electric scooter in 2014 - before micromobility was a term (and definitely when it was very nerdy).

Now, as Head of Micromobility at Particle, Nate enables LEV Brands and Manufacturers to meet the vehicle connectivity and intelligence needs of their largest customers in the new market for microfleets

Nate Wang

Easily customize your mobility platform for cities

Particle makes it easy to customize your platform to overcome today’s biggest industry challenges.

  • Prevent software bugs

    With Particle, you can send immediate wireless updates to counteract bugs and security vulnerabilities.

  • Ensure data compliance

    Put your data where you like; the Particle platform supports integrations so you can send device data to your servers and municipalities.

  • Address city regulations

    Build a scooter fleet that can easily be updated to meet today’s and tomorrow’s city regulations with Particle’s full-suite of development tools.

  • Scale rapidly

    Go from zero to 50,000 scooters in less than 9 months. Our team of IoT experts has partnered with some of the biggest scooter operators.

How Micromobility Startups Win Permits and Influence Cities

It’s no secret that regulatory compliance is top of mind for shared scooter and bike startups these days. Micromobility operators are competing intensely to win a shrinking number of city permits, trying to stand out based on their equity, sustainability, accessibility, efficiency, and safety records.

Join us for this timely webinar, we’ll discuss how micromobility companies can align their market entry strategies with policymakers' evolving priorities to succeed in a fragmented regulatory environment.