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New to Particle? Tell us what you're building and get a free prototyping board sent to you.

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Are you exploring IoT for a business use case but never tried Particle? We have a hardware development kit just for you.

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Here's the deal:

  • Apply for a Particle Wi-Fi or cellular development kit here
  • We’ll review applications and send kits to qualified applicants
  • Build something extraordinary and tell us about it

How Does It Work?

Once you submit using the form to the right, we'll review the details to confirm you qualify. Qualified applicants will receive a Particle developer kit (value up to $75).

Qualified applicants include those who are new to Particle and interested in building an IoT product. If you have purchased or claimed a Particle device in the previous year, you will not be eligible for this program.

What's the Catch?

No catch! We always want to hear about what you're building and how you're solving problems with IoT. No requirement, but if you're excited about your new Particle-powered project, we hope you'll send us a note. Even better, share a write-up, and we'll publish it on our blog.

About Particle

Particle is an enterprise IoT Platform-as-a-Service that offers everything you need to power an IoT product, from device to cloud.

As the most widely used IoT platform, Particle's tools are used by over 160,000 engineers in more than 170 countries, and by 8,500 companies.