Particle SDKs

Write mobile and web apps to interact with your devices. Manage provisioning and device setup with one line of code. Particle's open source SDKs for JS, iOS, Android and Windows are well-documented and easy to use so you can quickly create great apps for your connected products!





Cloud SDK

The Cloud SDK allows mobile and web apps to interact with devices via Particle Cloud. It's an easy-to-use wrapper for the Particle REST API.

Device Setup Library

Our device setup libraries give you a fully customizable setup process for Photon-based Wi-Fi devices (Photon/P0/P1). These libraries include both the provisioning logic and the UI flow and views for a white-labeled setup experience within your app.

Web app setup libraries are coming soon; for now, setup requires a native app for iOS/Android/Windows.

Example code

Complete example apps to get you started

Third Party Tools

Our Community members and several third parties have created a great selection of awesome mobile development tools, apps and libraries that interface with Particle devices in creative ways!