Particle + Raspberry Pi

One of the smallest computers connects you to the biggest community on an IoT platform.

Connecting your Pi

Once you sign up, we'll send our free software package to connect your Raspberry Pi to The Particle Cloud. Setup is fast, intuitive and beginner friendly to open up a world of applications.

Run Arduino code

No more complicated integrations to get your Raspberry Pi to run Arduino code. With Particle's Raspberry Pi agent, you can program in C/C++ to trigger a pin, blink an LED or read sensor values, among many other things.

Remote Control your Pi

Over The Air Updates

Safely reprogram code running on your devices one at a time or in groups.

Batch Script Execution

Remotely execute scripts on fleets of Raspberry Pi's using the exec command.

Remote Data Collection

Collect and publish data to the Particle Cloud, or store it locally by logging it on your Pi.

Announcement on Adafruit's Ask an Engineer

Particle's CTO answers questions and gives a live demo of Raspberry Pi on the Particle Cloud.

Join the fun!


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