Triggers and Buttons with Particle

Your network of Particle-connected triggers and buttons let you monitor for state changes and take action. With a trigger, your system takes action automatically. With a button, a person has control. In both cases, your system can order a product or service, send timely notifications, ensure security, and more.

Order a product or service
Notify a person or system of an event
Receive feedback from people in real time
Encourage and reward behavior or outcomes

How it works

Devices connected to the Particle Cloud publish data, events, and alerts securely through the Particle Cloud. On the other side of the Particle Cloud, your endpoints receive this information for storage, display and analysis. Over-the-air updates let you expand and improve the functionality of your devices.

Trigger / Button Case Study

Moti empowers people to live happier and healthier lives, one habit at a time. By combining specific insights from behavioral science, social robotics, and machine learning, Moti is a simple yet powerful IOT device based in emotional engagement and habit loop theory. 

We love using Particle because it cuts down our time to market; we can easily prototype with dev boards like the Photon and...transition seamlessly to modules like the P1 for our custom, professionally manufactured boards.

Kayla Matheus, Founder,

Business Benefits

Improved Efficiency and New Revenue Channels

Save time and money with improved processes. Create value-added tools and services around your connected products.

Smart Behavior

Change device behavior based on smart settings that you control. Easily schedule different actions or alerts based on time of day and day of week.


You and your customers always know the status of their system. Automated alerts and actuations mean constant peace of mind.

Insights Into Product and Market

Understand customer behavior, product status, and system trends. Take action proactively.

Better customer management

Communicate directly and intelligently to your customers about the state of their system and new opportunities. System knowledge means better customer support.

Proactive Improvement and Maintenance

Improve your products with reliable firmware updates. Your products can be smart enough to ask for replenishment or repair.

Why Particle?



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