On-Demand Webinar: Build Smarter With Particle and SnapPea

Learn how product design firm SnapPea uses Particle to build connected products faster and at lower cost.

The right IoT tech + the right design partner = rocket fuel for your connected product.

In this webinar, SnapPea Design founder Steven Fyke and Particle's Alliances Manager Sarah Muzquiz will be giving you an inside look into how you can get a connected product to market faster by rethinking traditional development methods.

Meet The Speakers

Steven Fyke is the founder and president of SnapPea Design, a Canada-based design firm that helps companies build complete and compelling stories for their brands and products.

Sarah Muzquiz is the Alliances Manager at Particle, where she's building a partner ecosystem that will enable any company to build intelligent and interactive connected machines & devices that generate unprecedented insights.

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