The “Smart" Way to Build Connected, Light Electric Vehicles featuring OX Motorcycles

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Light Electric Vehicles (LEV)

The halt to normal routines over the last year and a half has created an immense opportunity in mobility. With traditional commuting patterns interrupted, people the world over are reconsidering how they want to move. And the good news? The future is electric.

But with start ups and incumbents racing to introduce new Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), it will take more than batteries to stand apart from the crowd.

We invite you to join Particle & Ox Motorcycles to learn what it takes to win in today's market

Why you should attend:

  • Learn the right way to build your team's foundation - from founders to funding.
  • Hear how to create a competitive advantage with IoT and vehicle intelligence.
  • Find out why picking the right partners is more critical than ever in the current silicon shortage.

Meet Your Speakers

Jesús Salazar

CTO at Ox Motorcycles & CEO at EEVAM Technologies

Jesús Salazar is the CTO at Ox Motorcycles & CEO at EEVAM Technologies. He is passionate about innovative engineering solutions to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

Jesus Salazar

Valeria Valverde

Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of OX Motorcycles

Valeria Valverde, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of OX Motorcycles. A passionate nomad team-entrepreneur boosting a post-carbon future, member of the international network of MTA (Mondragon Team Academy). She was co-founder of ABORA, an international venture builder operating in 4 different continents. Born in Costa Rica, with experience in Asian, European, and USA markets. Her work comes at the intersection of business with purpose, high technology, and sustainable development.

Valeria Valverde

Nate Wang

New Mobility Account Executive at Particle

Nate started commuting with an electric scooter in 2014 - before micromobility was a term (and definitely when it was very nerdy).

Now, as Head of Micromobility at Particle, Nate enables LEV Brands and Manufacturers to meet the vehicle connectivity and intelligence needs of their largest customers in the new market for microfleets.

Nate Wang-Small