Disrupting Urban Logistics - How Light Electric Vehicles Will Change Our Economy and Environment

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The growth of e-commerce has brought with it innovations that have changed the way consumers expect to be served. One-click shopping, next- and same-day delivery, free shipping - for today’s urban shoppers, convenience is table stakes.

Never before has the way in which companies fulfill customer orders been so ripe for disruption. At the core of this transformation are delivery vehicles. More and more, retailers, restaurants, and service providers are turning away from delivery trucks and vans to light electric vehicles like e-bikes and e-scooters.

The promise of all this new technology, however, won’t be realized in the visions painted by these companies, but in the real world, where there’s traffic, pedestrians, and city regulations. Only there will we learn how investments in light electric vehicles will impact our urban lives.

Join Nathan Wang, head of Micromobility at Particle, and Oliver Bruce, Co-host of The Micromobility Podcast, as they discuss the future of light electric vehicles as a means of last-mile delivery in urban environments.

What you'll learn

  • How rapid urbanization is impacting transportation in cities, and how that creates unprecedented opportunities for micromobility
  • Why major logistics companies like Amazon, FedEx, and DHL are turning to LEVs for last-mile delivery
  • Why getting data off your LEVs isn’t enough, and how you can write data to them

Meet Your Speakers

Nate Wang

Head of Micromobility at Particle

Nate started commuting with an electric scooter in 2014 - before micromobility was a term (and definitely when it was very nerdy).

Now, as Head of Micromobility at Particle, I enable LEV Brands and Manufacturers to meet the vehicle connectivity and intelligence needs of their largest customers in the new market for microfleets.

Nate Wang

Oliver Bruce

Co-host of The Micromobility Podcast

Oliver Bruce is an analyst and investor who explores the disruptive potential of lightweight electric vehicles through his work as the co-host of the Micromobility Podcast and Conference. Based in New Zealand, he is also an Edmund Hillary Fellow, supporting global impact ventures.

Oliver Bruce