On-Demand Webinar: Tying ESG to Better Business Outcomes

Join Wave9 CEO and cofounder Ian Cunningham and Particle VP of Marketing Lauren Lund as they show how IoT can connect ESG efforts to better business outcomes for energy producers.

Join Wave9 founder and CEO Ian Cunningham and Particle's VP of Marketing, Lauren Lund, as they discuss how IoT-enabled solutions not only lead to better business outcomes for energy producers, they also advance ESG goals.

Learn how...

  • Wave9 built an IoT solution that keeps workers safe, prevents environmental damage, and streamlines equipment monitoring by enabling "maintenance by exception."

  • To make data more valuable for your customers. (Hint: Making it accessible is just part of the job).

  • Continuous monitoring will ultimately become more valuable relative to intermittent emissions and equipment monitoring.

Meet Your Speakers

Ian Cunningham

Ian Cunningham is the Founder and CEO of Wave9. Ian's breadth of experience in technology strategy, innovation consulting, project management, and software/hardware design helped him to structure a solution for improving operational optimization in the Oil & Gas industry.

Lauren Lund

Lauren leads the marketing function at Particle, an integrated IoT platform-as-a-service. Prior to joining Particle, Lauren led Enterprise marketing at Coursera, and the North America marketing team at Workday. She brings more than 15 years of go-to-market experience in the technology industry, with specific focus in the Enterprise SaaS space, and has a personal passion of working for, and with, companies at the intersection of corporate, social and environmental sustainability.

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