Upleveling Your Asset Tracking With Edge-To-Cloud IoT

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Intelligent Asset Management

A free, live webinar to help you effectively manage and scale your assets without running into any expensive pitfalls. Learn common asset management challenges and how you can overcome them with the Particle Tracking System.

Why should you attend?

  • Discover common asset management challenges and how to overcome them with your team.
  • Receive a product deep-dive on how to utilize the Particle Tracking System, Tracker One, and T SoM for your asset needs.
  • Get your product and asset tracking questions answered from our team of domain experts.

Meet Your Speaker

Ian Archbell

Seasoned Product Manager

Ian is a seasoned developer, product manager, and entrepreneur with GM and CMO experience. He is part designer, part coder, and a digital visionary who excels at turning prototypes into products that reach the market.

He is the creator of the IoT-Bus suite of products, the result of extensive R&D, and in-depth technical and market knowledge. Ian has brought his enterprise product management skills and IoT chops to help Particle evolve their embedded platform.

Ian currently oversees development of Particle's hardware portfolio and Integrated Asset Tracking System. In this position, he is able to leverage his background as an enterprise product leader, innovator in the IoT space, entrepreneur experience.

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Calvin Jepson

Senior Solutions Architecture Manager, Particle

Calvin Jepson is the manager of the solution architecture team at Particle where he brings over 6+ years of product management and software engineering experience in IoT related industries.

At Particle, Calvin has been responsible for helping customers rapidly develop smart connected solutions from design through development and contributes to the continuous development of Particle’s new products and solutions.

Calvin possesses a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and has a strong background in software engineering, data integration, and sales engineering.

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