Increase Revenue by Reducing Downtime with Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance

In this webinar, learn from our program management team how you could apply smart preventative maintenance to your products! We will be joined by our guest DENTALEZ to discuss how they are making use of sensor data from connected dental utility equipment to increase the uptime of their equipment & to reduce their customers’ maintenance costs. Some of their features can be easily implemented by you to reduce unexpected, costly repairs.

Why you should attend

  • Learn how you could apply smart preventative maintenance to your products
  • Understand key lessons and the impact of preventative maintenance
  • Get answers to the most pertinent questions from Particle and DENTALEZ

Meet Your Speakers

Kate Grode

Senior Manager, Program Management at Particle

Kate Grode is the Senior Manager of the Program Management team at Particle, which navigates projects from the design to manufacturing for both Particle Studios professional services customer projects and internal projects.

Recently, Kate played a significant role in managing Particle's latest asset tracking system to develop a fully-integrated asset tracking platform.

Kate possesses a Master's degree in Management Science and Engineering with a focus in production and operations management from Stanford University. In her free time, Kate loves to bake scones and spend time in her garden.


Robert Young

Senior Director of Engineering at DENTALEZ

Robert Young is the Senior Director of Engineering for DENTALEZ. He has over 30 years’ experience in stage gate product development and engineering management, mostly concentrated in the medical device industry with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Becton Dickenson, and Viant Medical.

He oversees engineering for DentalEZ's various locations and brands such as Star Dental, Forrest, and RAMVAC. Rob’s development philosophy is to view products and services from a clinical outcome and user perspective with the goal of providing an outstanding customer experience. He enjoys challenging the status quo and developing products that can create a paradigm shift compared to what was previously accepted as the norm.

In his free time, along with spending time with his wife and six children, he is a BMW enthusiast and has rebuilt and reconditioned many different models.

Robert Young DENTALEZ