Manufacturing your IoT product: 3 steps to get right before you launch

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IoT manufacturing 101

A free, live webinar to help you learn how to manufacture your IoT product at scale. Our hosts will walk you through how to pick a contract manufacturer for your needs, prepare an IoT prototype for manufacturing, manage risks at scale, and manage your operations remotely.

Why you should attend

  • Discover the basics and challenges of manufacturing your IoT products
  • Learn key things experts do when manufacturing an IoT product to mitigate risks
  • Get your questions answered lived from our team of IoT manufacturing experts

Meet Your Speakers

Jerry Miller

Director of Manufacturing Operations

Jerry Miller is the Director of Manufacturing Operations at Particle where he leads the process and systems that deliver our key hardware products to our customers as promised. 

Jerry joined Particle in March 2019 after spending five years at Apple. He started his tenure as the Business Manager for Apple Watch and iPod. After the successful launch of Watch Series 3, Jerry transitioned to the Special Projects Team as a Global Supply Manager leading key focus areas.

Jerry possesses a master’s degree in business administration from the Duke Fuqua School of Business with a focus in strategy and decision sciences. In his free time, Jerry likes to take long walks with his dog around the city.

Jerry Miller, Director of Operations at Particle

Kate Grode

IoT Project Manager, Particle

Kate Grode is an Engineering Project Manager on the Particle Studios professional services team where she has managed projects from the design to manufacturing for customers across many industries.

Recently, Kate has also played a significant role in managing Particle's latest asset tracking system, bringing insights from the Studios team to internal engineering to develop a fully-integrated asset tracking platform.

Kate possesses a master's degree in management science and engineering with a focus in production and operations management from Stanford University. In her free time, Kate loves to bake scones and spend time in her garden.

Kate Grode