Maximizing battery life for your asset tracking solution

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Optimizing Battery Life

This webinar will cover how to maximize the battery life of your Particle tracking device using our OTA configuration services. Whether you want months of battery life, or very frequent updates based on time, acceleration, or distance, the Tracker One or T SoM can be customized to meet your exact application needs.

Why you should attend

  • Learn powerful, yet simple APIs that give you full customization options to add your application logic on top of the Tracker One or T SoM.
  • Learn best practices for maximizing battery life efficiency using the Particle IoT platform.
  • Get your questions answered live from our team of IoT experts.

Mariano Goluboff

Senior Solutions Architect, Particle

Mariano Goluboff is a Senior Solutions Architect at Particle. He brings a decade of embedded systems research and development, and 12+ years of technical customer-facing experience in the IoT and M2M industries.

At Particle, Mariano helps customers design and ship successful products using Particle’s edge to cloud platform, and contributes to the IoT platform’s more than 200,000 developers by creating firmware libraries and collaborating in Particle’s new product development.

Mariano has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a background in high-speed digital design, wired and wireless networking, and software engineering.

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Eric Berseth

Senior Software Engineer II, Particle

Eric Berseth is a senior software engineer at Particle where he brings over 20+ years of experience in embedded hardware and software design from hardware and software design from scientific, medical, and IoT related industries.

Before Particle, Eric helped launch several highly visible software and hardware products at companies like Samsung, AMD, NXP, and Velodyne LiDAR. At Particle, Eric has been instrumental in developing Tracker Edge and cellular software for our all-new asset tracking platform.

Eric possesses a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona and has a strong background in embedded software systems and microcontrollers.

Eric Berseth