How MyCube Built A Secure IoT Product in 6 Months With Particle Studios

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Getting to market quickly

Learn why Mycube partnered with the Studios professional engineering service team at Particle to build a secure Internet-connected home safe in less than 6 months.

Why you should attend

  • Discover how the Particle Studios team helped get Mycube's first IoT product to market in less than 6 months.
  • Discover how Mycube is leveraging IoT to solve problems within their safekeeping industry.
  • Get your questions answered live from our team of IoT experts.

Meet your speakers

Scott Annan

Founder and CEO, Mycube

While Scott learned much about the value of lock-and-key security at his vault-making grandfather’s knee, he understood that the general public had very different needs for safekeeping from the world’s top jewelers.

The Mycube line is expanding under the guidance of Scott to include a whole range of products that keep things safe, sound, and easy to find – all with a high degree of aesthetic attention blended with the newest technology.

Mycube's latest line of products will harness IoT technology to improve the security of their system and enable customers to have better control of the valuables they have locked away.

A picture of Scott Annan, CEO of Mycube

Kate Grode

IoT Project Manager, Particle

Kate Grode is an Engineering Project Manager on the Particle Studios professional services team where she has managed projects from the design to manufacturing for customers across many industries.

Recently, Kate has also played a significant role in managing Particle's latest asset tracking system, bringing insights from the Studios team to internal engineering to develop a fully-integrated asset tracking platform.

Kate possesses a master's degree in management science and engineering with a focus in production and operations management from Stanford University. In her free time, Kate loves to bake scones and spend time in her garden.

Kate Grode

Calvin Jepson

Senior Solutions Architecture Manager, Particle

Calvin Jepson is the manager of the solution architecture team at Particle where he brings over 6+ years of product management and software engineering experience in IoT related industries.

At Particle, Calvin has been responsible for helping customers rapidly develop smart connected solutions from design through development and contributes to the continuous development of Particle’s new products and solutions.

Calvin possesses a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and has a strong background in software engineering, data integration, and sales engineering.

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