How Aura Air is leveraging iot in the fight against covid-19

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In this live webinar, Aviad Shnaiderman, CEO of Aura Air, and Zach Supalla, CEO of Particle, will walk you through how Aura Air built a smart air quality system at scale and how they are using it in the fight against COVID-19.


  • Learn how Aura Air partnered with Particle to build a custom air quality monitoring device to help fight the spread of COVID-19
  • Discover how Aura Air is leveraging IoT to solve problems within their industry
  • Get your questions answered directly from co-founder and CEO of Aura Air, Aviad Shnaiderman and co-founder and CEO of Particle, Zach Supalla

Meet your speakers

Aviad Shnaiderman, Co-founder and CEO of Aura AIR

Aviad is the co-founder and CEO of Aura Air, an all-in-one indoor air purification and quality intelligence system.

Aura Air filters and disinfects indoor air through a unique 4 stage purification process while vigilantly monitoring its quality in real-time. When hazards are detected, Aura Air alerts you immediately, providing crucial intelligence as to the origin of the problem, solutions of how to rectify it, and alarms if immediate action or evacuation is required.

Aviad earned an MBA at Ono Academic College and excels at driving critical and impactful projects to success with extensive experience in the development and streamlining of complex, multi-faceted procedures.

Aviad Shnaiderman

Zach Supalla, CEO and Co-founder of Particle

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Particle, the most widely used IoT platform on the market that is making it easier to build, connect, and manage Internet-connected products at scale.

Zach has spoken as an authority on the Internet of Things at prominent events such as OSCON, Solid, Web Summit, GMIC, and Launch.

Zach earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and an MEM (masters in engineering management) from the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern. Before Particle, Zach worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

Zach Supalla