The Internet of Things (IoT) is the idea that any object can connect to the Internet, accessing all the information we store online, and providing new data for exisiting infrastructure
With the right hardware, objects in homes, factories, farms, trucks, and planes can stream data to and from the Internet.
This versatile connectivity helps companies create systems where devices and data work together to save money, streamline processes, predict trends, and improve experiences:
Power grids spin up plants automatically with data based on weather, consumer need, and availability
Factories and warehouses exchange data on manufacturing capability and demand. Inventory automatically replenished based on supply, shipping speed, and rate of use.
Consumer devices feed information on use back to industries and utilities, which can provide incentives for exemplary behavior. Manufacturers use live data from devices to predict and prevent costly malfunctions and develop more robust product lines.
All IoT systems require hardware and software with security, versatility, and powerful metrics in order to create successful, efficient infrastructure. Particle is an industry leader in the Internet of Things. We help you create a secure, powerful foundation for your system of data and devices.
With specialized hardware, professional cloud services, and deep experience building connected infrastructure, Particle can give you a head start in building your network of devices and data.

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