Unlock the power of your data with Lake

Capture every event to secure cloud storage

Unlock the power of your data with Lake
  • Store your event stream

    Customize your retention rules to store any or all events for up to one year.

  • Access all your data

    View, export, and analyze historical events in the Particle Console.

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Why do I need Lake?

Capture every event

Ensure zero data loss by storing your event streams with Lake.

Configurable and secure cloud storage

Secure, cost-efficient cloud storage with customizable retention settings tailored to your specific needs.

Unlock powerful insights

Transform your data into actionable insights with historical data for advanced analytics, AI/ML applications, and proactive alerting.

Use cases

  • Compliance in regulated industries

    • Monitor and store emissions data to comply with environmental regulations.
    • Track and document food safety data to comply with health regulations.
  • Advanced long-term reporting

    • Access historical event data to identify recurring issues and improve reliability.
    • Use long-term data to predict maintenance needs and prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Data foundation for AI applications

    • Combine real-time data with historical context and AI for rapid scaling.
    • Use data to create AI-driven insights and innovations.