Core, Photon, and Electron

The best development tools

Every product starts as a prototype. Our hardware development kits — the Photon (Wi-Fi) and the Electron (2G/3G cellular) — help you build your first IoT prototype in minutes. Write your firmware in our web IDE, deploy it over the air, and build your web and mobile apps with ParticleJS and our Mobile SDK.


Smoothly transition from prototype to production

With Particle, your devices are powered by a real-time, secure and scalable cloud platform. Our IoT cloud platform will support your first product to your one millionth product, while our low-cost hardware provides a simple connection to the cloud at scale.

Manage your fleet of connected products

Manage your connected products out in the field

Usually when a product leaves your warehouse, it's gone forever. Not so with the Internet of Things. Our Device Management dashboard helps you oversee your "fleet" of connected products, deploy firmware updates, collect data, and integrate your product with other web services.

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