Meet the only all-in-one IoT platform on the market

Everything you need to power your IoT product, from device to cloud

IoT Hardware


IoT Device Cloud

IoT Apps

  • Get started with easy-to-use hardware development kits, and scale with industrial-grade connectivity modules. Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, and mesh.

  • Network infrastructure designed for IoT. From SIM cards to security, we make sure your devices can talk to the cloud.

  • A secure, managed platform that gives you visibility and control over your fleet of devices. OTA software updates, SIM and device management.

  • Our SDKs help you build iOS, Android, and web apps. Our web integrations stream data out of Particle and into your database of choice.


  • Fully managed

    A robust, reliable infrastructure to build and manage your IoT fleet

  • Secure by default

    Full encryption, limited attack vectors, and a firewall-protected cloud – no implementation necessary

  • Built to scale

    Software that works the same from your first prototype to your millionth unit shipped

  • Accessible

    Our platform was made with love for every engineer. No Ph.D or IoT expertise necessary

  • Data autonomy

    Put your data where you like; integrate with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or anything with a REST API

  • All-in-one solution

    Don't waste your time integrating. Our hardware, software, and connectivity work together out of the box

Three out of four IoT products never ship. Let's make you the fourth.