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IoT Solutions for Light Electric Vehicles

Launch and Scale the Smartest Fleet Anywhere With IoT That Just Works

Particle is an integrated IoT platform that gives you the edge, connectivity, and software to build responsive connected fleets. Get the fleet management, compliance, maintenance and safety features you need to build the vehicles of the future.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

IoT That Helps You Move the Industry Forward, Not Just Track Vehicles

Particle's IoT platform makes it easy to build connected light electric vehicles equipped with essential safety, efficiency, and preventative maintenance capabilities.

  • Prevent Theft and Loss

    Prevent, detect, and recover theft with locking and alerting capabilities.

  • Ensure Vehicle Uptime

    Increase battery life with advanced power optimization capabilities so your riders are never stranded.

  • Prevent Revenue Loss from Downtime

    Extend the life of vehicle parts and eliminate costly breakdowns with preventative maintenance.

  • Use Data to Upsell

    Get customer insights that help you deeply understand your riders, so you only develop features they’ll be willing to pay more for.

  • Keep Your Riders Safe

    Encourage safe rider behavior and comply with city regulations with configurable speed limits, and crash detection capabilities.

  • Drive Continuous Product Innovation

    Push real-time updates to your fleet with Over-The-Air updates and unlock new product features and functionalities with the push of a button.

"As the world’s first platform offering logistics players smart, light electric vehicles as a Service, IoT-enabled asset tracking capabilities are critical to our business and Particle has been a trusted solution provider and strong partner."
Mina Nada
CEO, Zoomo

Who We Help

Light electric vehicles are changing the way we move. We’re changing the way they’re built and operated.

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Private LEV fleet

Private Fleets

Last mile delivery

Last-Mile Delivery

OX Motorcycles Builds a Tech-Enabled Ride with Particle

OX Motorcycles had a bold vision to redefine the electric motorcycle market by making connectivity part of the DNA of their vehicles.

OX was immediately able to use Particle's certified hardware and flexible, easy-to-use development platform to integrate connectivity into the entire powertrain of the motorcycles.

OX is now preparing to launch in select EU markets throughout 2022, noting that without Particle, they would still be building.


Disrupt Urban Logistics with Seamless Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is ripe for disruption. Leading logistics providers are investing heavily into light electric vehicles as a way to improve the safety, sustainability, and profitability of their fleets. Hear from Particle's Head of Micromobility, Nate Wang, on how IoT is enabling the last-mile delivery fleets of the future.

Data That Cities and Operators Need

Particle’s platform makes it easy to get Mobility Data Specification-compliant data off your vehicles. Learn how Particle can help you win more city permits and always stay compliant with cities’ ever-evolving needs.

City using IoT

Why Particle

  • Accelerate Your Time to Market

    90% of Particle customers successfully deliver a product at scale within 12 months.

  • Get the Freedom of an Open Platform

    Everything about Particle is designed to be reprogrammable, reconfigurable, and API-driven.

  • Lower Development Costs

    Particle abstracts away most of the complexity from IoT development, so you don't need to hire dozens of engineers to get started.

  • Use One Integrated Platform

    Particle provides hardware, connectivity, security, and device/data management all in one platform.

  • Make Upgrades Easy With Industry-Leading Over-The-Air Updates

    Particle is pre-integrated with everything you need to reliably update your firmware. Add features, push fixes, and iterate quickly.

  • Tap Into a Powerful Ecosystem

    Particle connects you to leading design and integration partners, as well as a 10,000+ member community of IoT developers.

  • Own Your Data

    Particle doesn't store any of your data. Keep all your data between you and your cloud provider with our open cloud APIs.

  • Protect Your Infrastructure with a Secure-by-Default Platform

    Protect your deployment with encryption and updated SOC II, GDPR, Privacy Shield, and CCPA compliance.

Build the Fleets of the Future

You know your customers. We know IoT. Let's work together.