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IoT Command Center

A secure and reliable interface to manage your device fleet at scale


The Particle Device Console gives you intuitive and powerful features that just work. We offer both a cloud interface or Rest API to manage and monitor your IoT devices.

An interface of the device console

Send Intelligent Firmware Updates Remotely

Advanced, customized tools to update your devices wirelessly

  • Seamless from device to cloud

    No set up required. Particle Over-the-air firmware updates are part of the platform to power your remote development.

  • Rapid deployment

    Firmware updates can be sent to devices immediately, making it possible to complete a fleet-wide update in minutes, not days.

  • Zero disruption

    Enable your devices to signal if they are ready for an update or in use. These contextual updates protect your users and avoid disruption.

  • Reliable and secure

    Encrypted and battle-tested, from the Device OS to the Particle cloud, you can trust your firmware updates will be delivered.

Monitor the Health of Your IoT Devices

Leverage Particle’s Remote Diagnostics to reduce your troubleshooting time. Drill down to uncover device-specific metrics with our Fleet Health Dashboards, or monitor mission critical metrics on your deployed fleets with Enhanced Device Vitals.

An image of the Particle Device Console interface

Highly Available And Designed For Scale

  • Always online

    Get online and stay online. Device Cloud manages connections via cellular and Wi-Fi networks out of the box.

  • Scale infinitely

    Device Cloud is reliable and performant, giving you the confidence to continue growing your fleet at scale.

  • Secure by default

    Every message sent through Device Cloud is encrypted and secure. No plaintext allowed.

Seamless Integrations To Your Business Tools

Your business already relies on dozens of services to operate effectively. As a highly-extensible platform, the Particle IoT Command Center supports integrations to seamlessly connect device data with the tools your business already relies on, saving you time and money while extending the value of your existing investments.


IoT Device Management Resources