Generate insights and take action with your IoT data

Extract deeper insights, make more informed decisions, and create more value for your connected devices easily and quickly with Particle’s unique data store and compute engine. Ledger coming soon!

Meet Particle Ledger, the digital representation of your product

Cloud-based key/value store designed to create digital twins, for your customers and users

Particle Ledger enables you to build digital twins, monitor state changes, queue messages, and aggregate data across devices through a simple key/value store scoped to your devices, products, and organizations

  • Store the last known state and configuration data of your device
  • Easily get () and set() data to/from a Ledger from Device OS or the REST API
  • Understand state and changes over time with timestamped data points with queryable history
Cloud-based key/value store designed to create digital twins

Meet Particle Logic, the business logic of your product

Secure and reliable serverless compute engine for custom business logic

Particle Logic enables easy development and deployment of complex business rules with built-in integration with Particle Ledger. With it, you can run simple algorithms, react to abnormalities, trigger custom events, and more.

  • Host the business logic of your product by running custom Javascript apps
  • Simply triggered by device data or running on a schedule
  • Easily read from/write to Ledger or trigger webhooks when necessary
Meet Particle Logic, the business logic of your product

Particle Ledger and Logic: the brain of your product

Transform the way you leverage IoT data and create more intelligent products across industries and use cases

  • Create digital twins: Query and update device states, even offline, with seamless message queuing for immediate communication once devices are back online.
  • Keep your device data at your fingertips: Store and manage relevant vital data such as serial numbers with ease
  • Streamline data analysis: Aggregate device and sensor data from disparate sources and make more intelligent interpretations
  • Enrich calculations with more context: Integrate ambient data for context-rich calculations and sharper insights
  • Detect anomalies: Insert baseline performance characteristics into the Ledger for real-time comparison and anomaly detection.
  • Unify sensor data: Aggregate and analyze data from multiple devices at a single location, delivering a comprehensive view instead of isolated insights.
Particle Ledger and Logic: the brain of your product

One platform for taking action on your data

Particle Ledger and Logic integrate seamlessly with the rest of Particle’s IoT PaaS capabilities for better security, reliability, and performance

  • Meet the skills gap: Eliminate the need for a large team of engineers with varying skill sets to focus only on your data application from day 1
  • More room to experiment with less risk: All the platform capabilities, features, tools, and services you need to test and iterate your application, quickly and easily
  • Faster time to market: Cut unnecessary development cycles by leveraging a solution that makes IoT software, connectivity, and hardware work together seamlessly in one PaaS
  • Avoid common IoT missteps: Steer clear of hardware and software challenges that commonly block IoT projects and remove multiple points of failure with an integrated platform that just works
One platform for taking action on your data

Ledger coming soon!

Enhance your IoT product with Logic (beta) today.