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Develop Customized IoT Applications Without the Hardest Parts of Firmware Development

Device OS is an operating system that runs on all Particle devices and connects to the Particle cloud. It abstracts hardware and connectivity away to make it easy to write powerful edge software applications.

Device OS streamlines firmware development and is built to work seamlessly with the rest of the Particle Platform-as-a-Service.

Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service - Long - Device OS
"Because Particle’s operating system isn’t as rigid and predefined as many other suppliers, we could gain a lot of efficiencies from building more software features our way."
Arturo Gomez
President and CEO, FieldIntell

Device OS abstracts hardware complexities like...

  • Low-Level Hardware Interactions

    so you can have a single unified interface to your devices, regardless of the underlying hardware architecture.

  • Integration Between MCUs, Modems, Peripherals, Libraries, and Application Firmware

    so your devices connect as soon as they’re turned on.

  • Security and Reliability

    so all your communications are encrypted from device to cloud, each device has its own private key, and your fleet is protected from unauthorized hardware.

...and lets you focus on...

  • Developing Differentiated Software Applications

    with an easy-to-use programming framework and out-of-the-box firmware, including power, data, and connectivity management.

  • Continuously Iterating on Your Applications After Your Devices Ship

    with over-the-air updates that work with the push of a button.

  • Sending and Receiving Business-Critical Data To and From Your Devices

    with Particle primitives that let you run code, read values, and send/receive events with single commands.

OX Motorcycles Builds a Tech-Enabled Ride with Particle

OX Motorcycles had a bold vision to redefine the electric motorcycle market by making connectivity part of the DNA of their vehicles.

OX was immediately able to use Particle's certified hardware and flexible, easy-to-use development platform to integrate connectivity into the entire powertrain of the motorcycles.

OX is now preparing to launch in select EU markets throughout 2022, noting that without Particle, they would still be building.


Firmware Development Shouldn’t Be a Chore

Learn how Device OS can speed up your product development cycle today.