Announcing: Particle B Series - LTE Modules and Dev Kits

Announcing: Particle B SoM - LTE Modules and Dev Boards for Cellular IoT Development

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Introducing Particle EtherSIM

Globally available, self-optimizing cellular connectivity built into your device

A Global, Scalable Cellular IoT Platform

A unified connectivity solution designed to make IoT cellular management simple

  • Global Connectivity

    EtherSIM is powered by over 350 carriers and automatically connects to the best networks across 2G/3G/LTE.

  • Cellular Data Included

    Goodbye data plans. EtherSIM comes with no monthly data plans, so device fees are a thing of the past.

  • More than a SIM

    EtherSIM works seamlessly with the Particle IoT platform to deliver self-optimizing connectivity.

Reliable IoT Connectivity

Out of the box connectivity

No messy carrier negotiations required. Gain access to tier 1 operators without multiple contracts and billing relationships.

Always use the best network

EtherSIM devices automatically connect to the best available network across available 2G/3G/LTE.

Expand to new carriers easily

EtherSIM supports remote profile updates and automatically gets access to new carriers that are added to our MVNO.

EtherSIM Map 3x

The SIM without a Data Plan

Say goodbye to monthly data plans or device fees

Start building for free

Prototype with our free pricing plan and deploy up to 100 devices before paying for platform service.

Cellular data included

EtherSIM has no monthly data plans, so you can wave goodbye to per-device fees and data overages.

Remote firmware updates are included

OTA firmware updates don’t count against any platform limits, so you don’t have to choose between improving your product and managing costs.

Particle EtherSIM

Does More than Any SIM Can

EtherSIM works seamlessly with the Particle IoT platform to solve all the hidden challenges of deploying cellular solutions.

Works with EtherLink

EtherSIM works natively with EtherLink, our “it just works” cloud connectivity and communications protocol, to deliver secure and reliable device-to-cloud messaging out-of-the-box.

Integrated security and support

EtherSIM is backed by long-term support guarantees and receives automatic updates as a part of Device OS.

Pre-certified solutions

All Particle cellular solutions include regulatory and carrier certifications to accelerate your IoT deployment.

EtherLink 3x

Find the Right Solution for Your IoT Deployment

Particle provides coverage in 150 countries, powered by over 350 carriers; in most countries we provide service on at least two or three different carriers. EtherSIM-powered devices will automatically switch to the best available network in each country.

Ready to Scale Your IoT Cellular Product?

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