Introducing Particle EtherSIM

Globally available, self-optimizing cellular connectivity service built into your device

The only all-in-one cellular connectivity solution that just works

A unified connectivity service designed to simplify IoT cellular connectivity like never before

  • Out of the Box Cellular Connectivity

    Leverage truly out-of-the-box cellular connectivity with zero setup or configuration for quick prototyping and iteration.

  • Unrivaled Reliability & Coverage

    Connect to the most comprehensive list of networks powered by leading global carriers with carrier redundancy, and intelligent network steering for maximum reliability and coverage.

  • More than just a SIM card

    Everything you need to connect and manage cellular products globally hassle-free is already taken care of.

“It Just Works” Cellular Connectivity

No Device Integration Required

EtherSIM is automatically embedded into all Particle cellular devices, so you can connect immediately as you unbox your device.

Cellular Data Included

EtherSIM has no monthly data plans, so you can wave goodbye to per-device data fees.

Explore your IoT Use Case in Minutes

Start developing your custom application instantly with out-of-the-box connectivity and turnkey hardware using Particle’s Free Plan.

EtherSIM Particle IoT Cellular Connectivity

The Most Reliable Cellular Connectivity

Truly Global Connectivity

EtherSIM is powered by over 350 top-tier carriers around the world, acting as one. No contracts or carrier relationships required.

Always use the best network

All Particle cellular devices automatically connect to the best available network no matter what, with automatic network failover and carrier redundancy.

Expand to new carriers easily

EtherSIM supports remote profile updates and automatically gets access to new carriers that are added to our MVNO.

The Most Reliable Cellular Connectivity

Does More than the Average SIM

EtherSIM is integrated into the Particle IoT platform to solve all the hidden challenges of deploying cellular solutions.

Works with Particle Cloud

EtherSIM works natively with Link, our “it just works” cloud connectivity platform service, to deliver secure and reliable device-to-cloud messaging out-of-the-box.

Bundled Connectivity

EtherSIM is a bundled connectivity solution that abstracts all the hidden complexities of cellular connectivity like MVNO, SIM management, configuration, data plans, and API integration.

Integrated Security & Support

EtherSIM is backed by long-term support guarantees and receives automatic updates, fixes and more as part of Device OS.

Does More than the Average SIM

Find the Right Solution for Your IoT Deployment

Particle provides coverage in 150 countries, powered by over 350 carriers; in most countries we provide service on at least two or three different carriers. EtherSIM-powered devices will automatically switch to the best available network in each country.

Ready to Scale Your IoT Cellular Product?

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