Particle Monitor One

Bring the physical world of sensors and machines online, instantly

Particle Monitor One

A Field-Ready, Yet Customizable IoT Gateway

  • Connectivity

    Track and manage assets with reliable and dynamic cellular connectivity (LTE CAT 1/LTE CAT M1) and BLE.

  • Durable

    Purpose-built with an IP67 rated ruggedized enclosure for challenging indoor and outdoor environments

  • Reliable Location Tracking

    An intuitive software management system to track assets even in hard to reach sites with location fusion - which blends Wi-Fi, GNSS and cellular to provide you with the most accurate location data to map your mobile equipment.

Monitor One Top
  • Reprogrammable

    Add new features, respond to security vulnerabilities and change product behavior over-the-air.

  • Power-Efficient

    Monitor One supports long lasting battery with solar charging support and advanced configurations for low power operations.

  • White Label

    Go to market with a product that matches your brand with multiple, off-the-shelf options for white label enclosures.

Designed to Integrate With Any Piece of Equipment

Monitor One quickly and seamlessly integrates with most industrial equipment and sensors through out-of-the-box support for common machine protocols and system interfaces like Modbus, RS-232, 0-10V, CAN, etc. Never worry about custom integration work or high development costs again.

Industrial Equipment Integration

Out-of-the-Box Mounting For Every Imaginable Situation

Monitor One comes with a flexible mounting plate that enables it to be mounted in almost every environment, including walls, rails, and poles. Spend less time on implementation and simply mount your product wherever you need it to.

Monitor One - Mounted on HVAC System

Easily and Quickly Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Customize I/Os, and extend feature sets with minimal re-designs, recertifications, and custom integrations by simply adding expansion cards that are specific to your product’s communication protocol and system interface. Pick the expansion card that best suits your use case, or design your own quickly and easily with our reference designs.

Monitor One and Expansion Cards

Everything You Need to Connect a Machine

  • Reliable GPS Antenna

    Comes with onboard dead-reckoning and a high-gain GNSS antenna that is accurate to 1.8 meters

  • A Powerful ARM Cortex MCU

    An advanced Bluetooth 5, Thread and Zigbee multiprotocol SoC that is built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU

  • Internal Measurement Unit

    Built with an onboard accelerator and gyroscope that can detect when a device has woken up or been moved

  • PMIC & Fuel Gauge

    A power management system that supports rechargeable and single-use batteries

  • Field-Ready

    Designed to be immediately deployable and requires no additional development

  • Global Connectivity

    A highly reliable LTE modem that provides global cellular coverage (CAT M1 in NA and LTE CAT 1 in EU)

  • ESP32 Wi-Fi Locate

    An on-board MCU that offers Wi-Fi scanning location services when cellular is not available

  • An Industrial-grade SIM

    An embedded SIM card that is designed to resist corrosion and mechanical failure

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

    Build tracking applications that can interact short-range with other mobile devices

  • Fully Certified

    Fully certified for original equipment manufacturers developing commercial products

  • Monitor Edge Firmware

    Monitor One is built on top of a powerful embedded open source operating system

  • RTC Watchdog Timer

    Integrated hardware WDT will reset the whole system should a user application require it

Powered by the Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service

Monitor One is built on top of the Particle IoT PaaS, with integrated edge firmware, connectivity, and cloud-based data pipeline and management software. Every device is backed by the full power of the Particle platform, empowering you to reliably connect, manage, and deploy custom software applications that solve customer problems, create competitive advantages, and improve operational efficiencies.

Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service - Monitor One Gray Version

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