Connectivity That Works as Soon as You Turn Your Devices On

Secure, integrated, and reliable connectivity that solves the hidden challenges of device-to-cloud communication, scalability, and networking for you.

Particle Connectivity is built to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Particle Platform-as-a-Service.

Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service - Long - Connectivity

Connectivity That Just Works

Don’t waste valuable engineering time building your own network stack. Particle uses best-in-class technologies and hardware components integrated into one seamless, scalable and secure platform.

  • Range of Connectivity Options

    Connect your devices in the best way for your use case, whether it's cellular (LTE CAT M1, LTE CAT1), or 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi.

  • Seamless Scalability

    All Particle connectivity management and data services are pre-integrated, enabling you to scale and manage your IoT deployments worry-free.

  • Complete Connectivity Management

    Get access to all premium pre-integrated services like SIM management, multi-path networking support, IP navigation, connectivity health logging, 24/7 incident management, and long-term support guarantees from day 1.

"We’re relying on Particle as part of our future. We can expect them to keep us up to date with the latest developments in hardware and communications. "
Arturo Gomez
President & CEO, FieldIntell
Connectivity by Cell Region

Access Globally Available, Self-Optimizing Cellular Connectivity

Never Negotiate with Carriers Again

Gain immediate access to tier 1 operators without multiple contracts and billing relationships.

Always Use the Best Network

All Particle devices automatically connect to the best available network across 350 carriers around the world.

Expand to New Carriers Easily

Particle Connectivity supports remote profile updates and automatically gets access to new carriers that are added to our MVNO.

Get Complete Connectivity Management

We’ll manage everything from carrier negotiations, networking, protocols, and SIM cards for you.

  • 24/7 incident management
  • Multi-path networking support
  • IP navigation
Particle E Series

Remove Certification Risk

80% of all new cellular designs fail certification the first time. Our process for certifying both our own modules and those of our customers reduces RF, cellular, and operator conformance certification risk from your project. Certifications include:

logo certification fcc
logo certification ic
logo certification ce
logo certification ptcrb
logo certification gcf
logo certification att
logo certification telefonica

Proactively Manage Connectivity with Fully Integrated Diagnostics

Access up-to-date diagnostics on device responsiveness, SIM card status, cellular signals, battery life, and more. Detect cellular outages by region, carrier, partner, and radio access technology with real-time proactive alerts and notifications. Get technical support on migrating to connectivity options to ensure your products have a longer lifespan.

Fleet Health-3x

How FieldIntell is Making Industrial Equipment Monitoring Simple

Case Study

FieldIntell was working to build IoT-enabled solutions to help companies in capital-intensive industries like oil & gas, mining, and agriculture monitor and control their remote assets in real-time.

Their original IoT hardware provider failed to innovate, leaving FieldIntell scrambling to find another solution.

Particle's certified hardware, flexible operating system, global connectivity and robust fleet management capabilities helped FieldIntell rebuild their products quickly and deliver a superior end user experience.

Remote mining equipment

You Keep Building. We'll Handle the Connectivity.

It's easy to get started when you build with Particle. Learn how our solutions let you focus on building your product, not struggling with reliable connectivity.