IoT Solutions for HVAC

Improve the Reliability, Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability of HVAC Systems with IoT

IoT that helps you develop HVAC systems that create new revenue streams, deliver improved service models, and ensure peak performance.

Leading HVAC Providers Build with Particle

  • Prevent System Anomalies and Unplanned Downtime

    Use continuous monitoring to prevent anomalies from becoming catastrophes. Build monitoring and preventative maintenance into service contracts to create recurring revenue streams.

  • Reduce Truck Rolls and Service Costs

    Provide managers, techs, and customers with the information they need to proactively diagnose issues and dispatch the right service.

  • Decrease Energy Consumption and Increase Savings

    Gather deep insights into energy consumption patterns of HVAC units, and configure operational parameters to increase energy savings

How HVAC Systems Go from Depreciating Assets to Recurring Revenue Sources

Particle's IoT platform makes it easy to build connected HVAC systems equipped with essential monitoring, and preventative maintenance capabilities.

  • Scalable

    Deploy at scale with our all-in-one platform, supporting billions of data samples with more than 25,000 Particle connected HVAC units in the field

  • Open

    Access and share systems data freely with HVAC contractors, engineers, and property managers using our webhooks, APIs, and our open-source architecture

  • Secure and Reliable

    Protect HVAC data with end to end encryption, firewall protection, public/private key authentication, and with necessary security certifications

  • Connectivity

    HVAC companies shouldn’t just rely on their customer WiFi to connect. With Particle, your systems will be connected 24/7 thanks to global cellular coverage across 2G/3G/LTE through a comprehensive network of carriers.

  • Customizable

    Easily add new sensors, actuators, and other peripherals to unlock new feature sets and functionalities for differentiation.

  • Upgradeable

    Wirelessly update your HVAC systems with our industry leading Over the Air software capabilities, and never worry about device bricking again.

Less Downtime, More Recurring Revenue - How IoT is Transforming HVAC

On-Demand Webinar

For commercial HVAC management, IoT is about more than just data. It’s about improving the reliability, efficiency, safety, and sustainability of their systems to reduce costs and drive new revenue streams.

Watch this webinar featuring HVAC experts from Watsco and Particle to:

  • Learn how IoT improves HVAC system reliability and building efficiency
  • Find new ways to drive recurring revenue with IoT
  • See how equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance reduce costs
HVAC Webinar
"Particle has enabled us to build and ship our product in less than 6 months. It would have taken us 1-2 years longer to be where we wanted to be without Particle."
CXO, Intellihot

Why Particle

  • Accelerate Your Time to Market

    90% of Particle customers successfully deliver a product at scale within 12 months.

  • Get the Freedom of an Open Platform

    Everything about Particle is designed to be reprogrammable, reconfigurable, and API-driven.

  • Lower Development Costs

    Particle abstracts away most of the complexity from IoT development, so you don't need to hire dozens of engineers to get started.

  • Use One Integrated Platform

    Particle provides hardware, connectivity, security, and device/data management all in one platform.

  • Make Upgrades Easy With Industry-Leading Over-The-Air Updates

    Particle is pre-integrated with everything you need to reliably update your firmware. Add features, push fixes, and iterate quickly.

  • Tap Into a Powerful Ecosystem

    Particle connects you to leading design and integration partners, as well as a 10,000+ member community of IoT developers.

  • Own Your Data

    Particle doesn't store any of your data. Keep all your data between you and your cloud provider with our open cloud APIs.

  • Protect Your Infrastructure with a Secure-by-Default Platform

    Protect your deployment with encryption and updated SOC II, GDPR, Privacy Shield, and CCPA compliance.

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