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Choose the right plan for your IoT deployment


Particle basics for every developer

  • Console for device and fleet management
  • Suite of developer tools and firmware libraries
  • Standard remote (over-the-air) device updates
  • Standard remote device diagnostics
  • Basic cellular data included (3MB/mo)

Available for:

  • Boron / B Series and Electron / E Series
  • Device cap of 250 units


per device per month

First 3 months free



Advanced features for configurable asset tracking

  • All capabilities in Starter, plus:
  • View current and historical device location
  • Zero-code device and fleet configurations
  • Location and sensor-based alerting
  • Tracker Edge application framework
  • High-volume cellular data (25MB/mo)

Available for:

  • Tracker SoM / Tracker One
  • Unlimited devices


per device per month

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Unlock production-ready IoT features

  • All capabilities in Tracking, plus:
  • Intelligent remote (over-the-air) device updates
  • Fleet-wide remote diagnostics
  • Role-based access controls (RBAC) with Particle Organizations
  • Pooled cellular data with additional carrier redundancy

Available for:

  • All platforms
  • Unlimited devices


Tailored solutions for your use case

  • All capabilities in Enterprise, plus:
  • Code review and development services
  • Custom PCB and enclosure design
  • Custom antenna development and RF optimization
  • Custom branding
  • Certification assistance
  • Battery and power consultations

Available for:

  • All platforms
  • Unlimited devices

Compare Our Pricing Plans

Developer Tools
Particle Device OS
Firmware Libraries
Particle IDEs
Mobile SDKs
Cloud Compilation
Device Cloud
Unlimited devices
Up to 250 cellular devices or 5,000 Wi-Fi devices
Cellular Connectivity
Standard carriers included
Premium carriers available
Location Services
View current and historical location
Location data storage and retrieval
User data storage and retrieval
Duration of data storage
6 months
Configuration Services
Configure fleets and individual devices
Configure location publish rate
Configurable wakeup interval, sleep on low battery, wake on IMU
Configure alerting by location, sensor, user data value
H2 2020
H2 2020*
H2 2020*
Product collaborators
Centralized invoiced billing
Cellular data pooling
Community support
Support SLAs
4 hour SLA
4 hour SLA
Uptime SLAs
Dedicated account manager
Reserved hardware inventory
Design and development services
Custom enclosures and PCBs
Hardware design reviews
Firmware design reviews
Custom antenna / RF design
Component sourcing
Manufacturing services
Manufacturing testing
Product certification

*Location and Configuration services only available in Enterprise and Custom tier for Tracker SoM and Tracker One hardware platforms

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