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Device Cloud

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Hardware + Device Cloud

Particle's fully integrated IoT Connectivity Hardware and Device Cloud allow you to rapidly move from prototoype to production.


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Device Cloud

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FREE Device Cloud accessfor first 100 devices
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Particle‘s Enterpise plan offers special benefits needed for large-scale deployments and access to Particle‘s team of IoT experts

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Enterprise benefits

  • Volume discounts
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  • Uptime SLAs
  • Hardware warranties
  • Reserved hardware inventory
  • Enterprise support

Particle Studios

Work with our team of IoT experts to bring your idea to life, at any stage of development


Create a proof-of-concept designed to help you bring your IoT idea to life

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Dev kit based hardware design
Breadboarded prototype
Off-the-shelf sensors & shields
PoC firmware app
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Deploy a pilot solution that allows you to run a market field-trial of your IoT product

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Custom Printed Circuit Board
Enclosed design
Integrated sensors
Pilot firmware app
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Achieve a production-ready IoT product capable of deployment at-scale

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Hardware design-for-manufacture
Custom enclosures
Integrated sensors
Production-optimized firmware app
Product certifications
Manufacturing services
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Get access to the resources you need to be successful, exactly when you need it

Standard support

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Access to community
Email support

Enterprise support

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Access to community
Dedicated customer success manager
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1 business hour SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hardware + Device Cloud presented together?

When you purchase Particle IoT development kits or Systems on a Module (SoM), you are not buying a piece of standalone silicon. Instead, you are getting a bundle: IoT hardware that comes pre-programmed to work with a full-featured Device Cloud. This is one of the main value propositions of using Particle — it's an integrated solution that allows you to focus on what makes your IoT product unique.

How does Device Cloud pricing for standalone devices work?

Standalone devices are those that are not part of a mesh network. They have their own direct connection to the Particle Device Cloud (using Wi-Fi, Cellular, or Ethernet connectivity) and largely act independently from one another.

Standalone devices are billed per device per month. The per device cost is a factor of the type of connectivity (i.e. Wi-Fi vs. Cellular) the device uses and the total number of devices you have in your fleet.

How is cellular data billed?

Cellular data is included as part of access to the Device Cloud. Each standalone cellular device has 3MB of cellular data included per month. Regardless of where data is consumed around the world, the first 3MB per device are always included in the standard cellular Device Cloud rate ($2.99 per device/month).

Mesh networks using cellular gateways also include cellular data: Micro Networks include 5MB of data, and High Availability Networks include 10MB of data. Cellular data for mesh networks are pooled across all gateways in the network.

If your device consumes more than 3MB of cellular data in a given month, you will be charged an overage rate per MB used. For most countries, the overage rate is $0.40/MB.

What about Ethernet?

Particle's 3rd generation of hardware now supports Ethernet connectivity. In short, Ethernet devices will be treated the exact same as Wi-Fi devices from a pricing perspective.

Standalone Ethernet devices will be subject to the same Device Cloud pricing rules as a standalone Wi-Fi device.

Mesh networks on the Micro plan using an Ethernet gateway will be billed the same way as a Micro Network using a Wi-Fi gateway.