Connect IoT devices to Tulip with Particle’s new integration

The Particle Team article author avatarThe Particle TeamNovember 09, 2023
Connect IoT devices to Tulip with Particle’s new integration

Connect IoT Devices to Tulip with Particle’s new Integration

Manufacturers increasingly want to incorporate IoT devices into their operations to enable real-time data collection, monitoring, and insights. However, integrating these connected devices into existing manufacturing platforms can be challenging.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new integration between Particle IoT devices and Tulip, a no code platform that enables frontline workers to create apps to improve manufacturing processes. This integration makes it easy to connect Particle devices to Tulip to stream real-time sensor data directly into operational dashboards and apps developed within Tulip.

For example, manufacturers can now easily:

  • Use cellular-enabled Particle Boron devices where WiFi connectivity is poor. The Boron can publish sensor data from anywhere with cell service to Tulip.
  • Monitor material levels, machine health, cycle times, and other metrics by publishing sensor data from Particle devices to Tulip.
  • Trigger workflows in Tulip, like quality holds or maintenance tickets, based on threshold rules from Particle sensor data.

The integration uses Tulip’s Machine API and Particle’s Webhooks to securely stream sensor and event data into Tulip. Users simply pair the Particle device events with Tulip machine attributes in a webhook to enable real-time data flows.

By connecting Particle’s robust IoT hardware and connectivity with manufacturing apps and workflows built on Tulip’s platform, manufacturers gain an end-to-end platform for digitizing shop floor operations. To learn more about using Particle devices with Tulip, check out the integration guide in our developer documentation. We can’t wait to see the powerful manufacturing solutions our users build!

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