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IoT Professional Services

Particle Studios

Bring your IoT product from concept to market with a team of IoT experts

Build Your IoT Product from Concept to Market with Domain Experts

Particle Studios is a professional engineering team that has helped customers across industries in building and deploying their IoT products. We provide the full stack of skills and services that enable you to accomplish your business goals in a fraction of the time.

You can use Particle Studios at any stage of development — our service offerings range from design reviews, proof of concept development, to full product development and manufacturing.

An engineer building an IoT product

Particle Studios is Trusted Across Industries

Our team + Your team = Success

  • A picture of Larry Ovalle, Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth, at Jacuzzi

    Larry Ovalle

    Sr. Director of Product at Jacuzzi

    "Particle’s x-factor was their team’s ability to quickly understand our business and be active participants in our development process."

  • A picture of Tom Bull

    Tom Bull

    Business Manager at Dynamis

    "Particle helped us along every step of the IoT development process and we wouldn’t haven’t gotten our product to market without them."

  • A picture of Scott Annan, CEO of Mycube

    Scott Annan

    Chief Executive Officer at Mycube

    "The Particle Studios team was perfect for our business. With them by our side, we launched our IoT product in less than 6 months."

Trusted by Companies Leading Through Innovation

We’re Here to Help You at Every Stage of Development

Receive all the services and expertise you need to deploy your product to market

Build a Prototype with Experts

Struggling to get your idea out of R&D? We can help your team quickly produce a robust prototype that allows you to take the next step.

Build a Full Solution with Experts

Our team will help you design hardware and firmware that are ready for deployment, including custom printed circuit boards (PCB), enclosures, sensors, and software applications specifically built for your unique use case.

Deploy Your Product at Scale

Our Studios team will provide their deep expertise in hardware manufacturing by helping you source, assembly, certify, and implement the proper test fixtures you need to deploy for scaling.

Particle Studios

Does Particle Studios Work for My Project / Industry?

Our Particle Studios team has helped companies across industries and use cases. We pride ourselves on our expertise to quickly understand your business model and help you quickly build an IoT product, providing a profitable return on investment.

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