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Jacuzzi Launches Smart Hot Tubs in Six Months
"Particle’s x-factor was their team’s ability to quickly understand our business and be an active participant in driving our strategy and technical implementation. "
Larry Ovalle
Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth at Jacuzzi
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Envirofit Supports Health & Sustainability in the Developing World
"Having the Device Console already ready for us and being able to control our fleet remotely without having to build an interface of our own is invaluable. "
Nathan Lorenz
VP of Engineering at Envirofit
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Opti Stops Floods Before They Start
"Because of their single-point of contact cellular service hardware, SIM cards, and data all in one -- we have plan that spans all the states we service, and soon all the countries. Not having to deal with that complication greatly enhanced our speed to market and our ability to scale."
Alex Bedig
Co-Founder and VP of Information and Technology at Opti
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Using Particle to Power Better Business Decisions
"The IoT spindle project is providing the big data needed to make the right decisions for maximizing our operation."
Jay Todd
COO for Service Thread
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SafeTransport Makes the School Commute More Secure
"As a result of switching to Particle, we’ve reduced our monthly, per-unit overhead by half."
Peter Balestrini
Senior Solutions Architect at CAI Labs
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Staff Alerter brings Mass Alerting to the Masses
"Particle’s ease of implementation and adaptability is really essential for our product’s continued evolution and success."
Robert Rankin
President, PM Power Products
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Scientists Deploy an IoT Network to Battle Kilauea's Deadly Fumes
"We’re one of the main groups really using IoT sensors for science and improving them from the engineering side to make them usable for other scientific pursuits."
David Hagan
Software Engineer and Physics PhD Candidate
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Shifted Energy is driving the energy economy to 100% renewable
"We have had zero issues working with Particle’s IoT platform across continents. It just works. Not needing to worry about the renter’s site allows for deployments at scale in locations that Wi-Fi only solutions just can’t go."
Olin Lagon
CTO at Shifted Energy
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How Altrac is automating wind machine maintenance with IoT
"Particle was the perfect IoT partner. They helped us build a connected product that could be reliably deployed across thousands of farms."
Neil Schultz
Co-Founder, Altrac
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