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Transform your IoT project with Edge ML

Unlock more sensor data, capture new insights, add cutting-edge features, and accelerate next-gen IoT products with Particle’s new Edge ML capabilities, powered by Edge Impulse

A Complete Solution for Edge ML

A Complete Solution for Edge ML

Everything you need in a single, easy-to-use workflow to turn data into actionable insights:

  • One-click data collection: Build high-quality sensor datasets at scale quickly by collecting data directly from various sources
  • Low-code ML model development: Use state of the art, easy-to-use machine learning model training tools to develop advanced algorithms in minutes instead of months
  • One-click deployment: Deploy trained ML models with confidence and ease directly to your Particle devices with our industry-leading OTA software updates

Bring AI to your industry and use case

Create more reliable, intelligent and autonomous products that deliver unprecedented business value across industries and use cases

  • Be more proactive: Predict equipment failure using sensor data to generate more insights for downtime reduction
  • Save more energy: Improve equipment efficiency with real-time inputs and new insights
  • Detect leaks faster: Combine acoustic, pressure and other data to catch leaks earlier and prevent wastage
  • Develop more contextual awareness: Leverage datasets from various source to understand your environment like never before
Bring AI to your industry and use case

Powerful Features of Edge ML

Enriched for IoT, optimized for Particle:

  • Increased battery life: send data only when necessary and stay operational longer
  • Reduced latency: process data more locally, and reduce cloud dependency for everything
  • Enhanced reliability: be operational in low connectivity environments

Particle + Edge Impulse: Better Together

Particle's Edge ML capabilities are built on Edge Impulse's platform because of its commitment to developers and ease of use. As the leading Edge ML Platform, Edge Impulse offers the latest in machine learning tooling to help developers build, and scale embedded ML applications easier and faster than ever. There’s no question why Edge Impulse is #1 choice for developers to build ML models, and with this integration, developers will be able to connect their products and seamlessly deploy ML models like never before.

Particle + Edge Impulse: Better Together

Get started today and discover the power of Edge ML

Buy the Photon 2 Edge ML kit and leverage available tutorials.