Announcing: Particle B Series - LTE Modules and Dev Kits

Announcing: Particle B SoM - LTE Modules and Dev Boards for Cellular IoT Development

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A Fast, Reliable, And Secure Service for Reprogramming Your Connected Products

Particle OTA Services lets you push Over-the-Air updates with a single line of code or a few clicks, making it simple to add new features, respond to security vulnerabilities, or change product behavior after you’ve shipped.

Particle Over the Air Services

Over-The-Air Updates Used to Be Risky. Not Anymore.

Particle is the only full-stack IoT PaaS with a complete, end-to-end OTA software update service that eliminates the common pitfalls - like bricked devices or unstable firmware - of updating assets in the field. With Particle, OTA updates are...

Simple and Fast

Across 350+ carriers in over 100 countries, our customers push over 100,000 OTA updates per month, and most are completed in less than 30 seconds.

Context-Aware and Reliable

Particle won’t push an OTA update if a Particle Device is performing a critical operation and will wait until it’s safe to do so, avoiding costly interruptions and outages caused by bricked products.


All OTA updates between Particle Devices and Particle Cloud are encrypted, including firmware files, to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. Every update is verified to ensure all senders are approved device managers.

Easy OTA Updates for All Stages Of Product Development

Use single-device OTA functions to iterate rapidly on your prototypes. When you’re ready to scale, Particle OTA Services lets you batch OTA updates to many products at once. Release new firmware, test updates on a subset of your fleet, and push updates whenever you want. Your connected products will automatically receive them when they’re ready.

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"Before, our customers had to send a technician out to each device, have them plug a USB into it, and update the firmware manually. Now, we can update an entire fleet with a single click."
Eric Wen
Chief Operating Officer, Qube

A Complete Solution for Software Updates

Particle’s Platform-as-a-Service is fully integrated and supports OTA updates out-of-the-box. No configuration or set up necessary.

  • Compatibility Verification

    Automatically verify firmware-hardware compatibility to prevent device bricking.

  • Intelligent Updates

    Only deliver updates when your devices are ready to receive them.

  • Advanced Compression

    Reduce the size of your updates by up to 40% to save battery life and data - 10x better than HTTPS.

  • Dynamic Delivery

    Automatically adjust the speed of data transfer to match the capabilities of the network.

  • Update Confirmation

    Always fall back to the prior firmware if the OTA update is unsuccessful.

  • Fleet Firmware Management

    Easily compile new firmware versions, upload and test them on dev devices, and do a progressive rollout across your fleet.

OX Motorcycles Builds a Tech-Enabled Riding Experience with Particle

Case Study

OX Motorcycles had a bold vision to redefine the electric motorcycle market by making connectivity part of the DNA of their vehicles.

OX was immediately able to use Particle's certified hardware and flexible, easy-to-use development platform to integrate connectivity into the entire powertrain of the motorcycles.

OX is now preparing to launch in select EU markets throughout 2022, noting that without Particle, they would still be building.


You Shouldn't Have to Hold Your Breath Every Time You Push an Update to Your Fleet

Particle OTA Services has helped thousands of companies continuously improve their products by making OTA updates simple and stress free. Learn how you can get started.