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Particle Workbench

Professional IoT development on Windows, macOS, Linux, powered by Visual Studio Code

A Super-Powered Tool for Particle Development

Build, debug, and deploy code from a local environment with zero setup

Particle Workbench provides all the tools, libraries, and extensions you need for IoT development.

By utilizing Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code as an editor, you get a lightweight, yet powerful experience that can build, compile, and deploy code for your Particle-powered Products.

  • Easy install

    Includes everything you need for Particle development

  • Managed toolchain

    Supports offline and cloud compilation, plus wireless OTA updates

  • Libraries included

    Comes with access to 3,000+ Device OS libraries for faster development

  • Fully customizable

    Customize your workflow with 8,000+ Visual Studio extensions

Powerful features for professional development

Enriched for IoT, optimized for Particle

Complete code faster

Get it right the first time with added IntelliSense for Particle device libraries

Local compilation

Compile and flash even the largest projects locally with Particle’s powerful, pre-configured local toolchain.

Step-through debugging

Debug code on devices directly from the editor with Particle’s 3rd generation debugger.

Built-in Git support

Visual Studio Code works with Git and other popular source control providers for easy code collaboration and versioning

Powerful features for professional development

Particle + Visual Studio Code

Particle Workbench is built on Visual Studio Code not just because it’s the experience developers love for a desktop environment, but also because of Microsoft’s commitment to open source. Visual Studio Code enables an ecosystem of customizable themes and extensions all with continued investment in powerful features that support both embedded and web development.

Part of a Suite of IoT Development Tools

A complete portfolio of developer tools to help your technical team build and iterate quickly

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