5 exciting new projects to try with the Photon 2

The Particle Team article author avatarThe Particle TeamAugust 23, 2023
5 exciting new projects to try with the Photon 2

The IoT landscape is blossoming with new innovative applications being released constantly – leading this charge is Particle’s Photon 2. With best-in-class processing power, memory, security, and professional-grade IoT capabilities, the Photon 2 is the best choice for developers, engineers, and product managers looking to turn their IoT visions into reality. In this post, we’ll dive into five exciting projects that you can build with the Photon 2.

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Project 1: Smart Building Application with Photon 2

As urban infrastructure leans toward becoming “smarter,” the need to monitor and optimize building usage for environmental and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) purposes becomes essential. Enter Photon 2: with its powerful processing capabilities, enhanced memory, and seamless cloud connectivity, it can be used to gather data from various sensors placed throughout the building, monitoring temperature, occupancy, light, and even air quality.

When integrated into a building’s HVAC system, the Photon 2 analyzes this data to dynamically adjust temperature, humidity, and air circulation settings. Its improved memory allows it to store historical data, enabling predictive actions based on past trends. For instance, if a conference room is typically occupied at 10 am on weekdays, the Photon 2 can anticipate this and adjust the room’s environment ahead of time. Coupled with cloud connectivity, facility managers can remotely monitor and control these settings, ensuring optimal energy use and improved occupant comfort.

Project 2: Access Control in Retail Space using BLE Integration with Photon 2

Retail spaces have always prioritized enhancing security while also focusing on refining the customer experience. This challenge can be effectively addressed by tapping into the advanced features of the Photon 2. Moving beyond traditional security methods such as spoken passcodes or physical access cards, the Photon 2 offers a more intuitive and secure solution by leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities.

Here’s how it works: Upon approaching a restricted area, retail staff can use their smartphones for authentication. By reading the UUID of an employee’s phone, potentially combined with a dedicated application that requires biometric verification, Photon 2 can quickly determine if access should be granted. This method not only ramps up security measures but ensures a quick, streamlined entry process for staff.

In addition, to safeguard against unauthorized access or security breaches, an integrated alarm system powered by Photon 2 immediately sends alerts to the management via the Particle Cloud. This alignment of BLE technology, biometric data, and instant alert mechanisms, all underpinned by Photon 2’s impeccable processing capabilities, charts a new course for access control in contemporary retail environments.

Project 3: Smart Home Basement Humidity Monitoring with Photon 2

Basements require meticulous monitoring to prevent mold growth and potential structural damage due to them being notoriously damp. With the Photon 2, homeowners can set up a robust humidity monitoring system.

Utilizing humidity sensors, like the DHT11, integrated with the Photon 2, data on basement conditions can be consistently tracked. Should humidity levels exceed safe thresholds, the Photon 2 can alert homeowners in real-time via notifications by utilizing its seamless cloud integration for example, through a text message (e.g. Twilio API). The system can even be programmed to activate dehumidifiers or ventilation systems automatically. Over time, as the Photon 2 gathers more data, it can predict when humidity levels are likely to rise, allowing homeowners to take preventative measures.

Project 4: Firmware Update in Secondary Devices using Asset OTA with Photon 2

In modern tech, ensuring that firmware devices remain up to date is crucial for optimal performance and safeguarding against potential vulnerabilities. The Photon 2 excels in this arena, especially with secondary devices such as robot motor controllers.

Photon 2’s cloud connectivity makes it a formidable force in managing firmware updates using Asset Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Device administrators can push firmware updates directly to the Photon 2, which can then relay these updates to connected secondary devices. This cloud integration means updates can be scheduled or deployed instantly across multiple devices, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency.

Project 5: Preventative Maintenance in Field Machines using Edge ML with Photon 2

Given their exposure to the elements, field machines require regular maintenance. But what if you could predict when maintenance is needed? With the Photon 2, this becomes a tangible reality. Harnessing its Edge ML compatibility, the Photon 2 can detect unusual noises or vibrations from machinery, which often prelude mechanical issues.

Through a simple digital microphone connection, the Photon 2 can monitor machines for audio signals that suggest a need for maintenance. Using machine learning models, it can discern between regular operational sounds and potential anomalies. When an anomaly is detected, the Photon 2 can utilize its cloud connectivity and alert maintenance teams to inspect the machine, drastically reducing unexpected downtimes.

Get Creative with Your Photon 2

The Photon 2’s potent combination of processing power, enhanced memory, state-of-the-art security, and seamless cloud connectivity make it a formidable asset in a multitude of IoT projects. Its versatility is a testament to Particle’s commitment to driving innovation in the IoT sphere.

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