Introducing the Photon 2

Raniz Bordoloi article author avatarRaniz BordoloiJune 20, 2023
Introducing the Photon 2

Nine years ago, we began shipping the Photon with only one goal in mind: to accelerate IoT adoption amongst our robust community of developers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. By leveraging this easy-to-use and reliable Wi-Fi solution, we were the first in the market to enable IoT builders to quickly connect anything they wanted and start affordably sending data to the cloud for the first time. After shipping hundreds of thousands of Photons to developers and enthusiasts, we witnessed a range of never-before-seen IoT projects being explored, tested, iterated, and shipped across the globe, many of them turning into successful products and businesses along the way.

It started with a Spark, now we’ve made IoT real.

Today, Particle has become the leading integrated IoT Platform-as-a-Service, powering world-class, intelligent products at massive scale across a wide range of industries and use cases. From fast-growing startups to Fortune 100 companies, innovators everywhere are solving the problems of industry and building the businesses of tomorrow by leveraging our Platform-as-Service. We’ve added new hardware products, integrated new cutting-edge, industry-leading services and software into our PaaS, and accumulated a decade of insight and expertise working with customers delivering successful products at scale.

The easiest entry point to professional IoT.

The Photon was a great start toward our goal of making it easy to get online. But, as technology evolves, the industry matures, and our platform advances, we knew it was time for a new groundbreaking product to unlock the next phase of IoT prototyping and exploration. That’s why today we’re thrilled to introduce the successor to the Photon: The Photon 2.

Photon 2 unlocks enterprise functionality, security and power, at a price at that makes it easy for everyone to connect their device. Besides supporting 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi with integrated BLE support, it’s more powerful (we’ve ramped up from 120Mhz to 200MHz, from 1MB to 2MB in flash memory, from 128KB to 3MB RAM), more secure, supports new workloads, yet more affordable — now at $17.95 with free shipping!

Designed for professional wi-fi applications; at an affordable pricepoint

Despite being low-cost, the Photon 2 is optimized for professional IoT applications that connect to a Wi-Fi network. Together with the P2, the Photon 2 delivers unprecedented Wi-Fi network performance and reliability, built-in security advancements, and ultra-power efficiency to truly represent the next-generation embedded Wi-Fi connectivity solution. While the Photon 2 features a feather form factor for rapid prototyping, the “P2” module is optimized for integrated designs during the production phase.

In particular, the Photon 2 features:

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)
  • Integrated BLE support (BLE 5.3)
  • Industry-leading performance with ARM Cortex M33 CPU
  • More memory (3MB RAM, 2MB Flash)
  • Reliable and trusted device security powered by ARM Trustzone
  • Feather form factor for easy prototyping
  • Faster time to market with pre-certifications (FCC, IC, CE)

So whether you’re a developer testing a new IoT concept, an entrepreneur starting your IoT business, or just a hobbyist tinkering around, the Photon 2 is your best option to get started. Place an order here for $17.95, and get started with our tutorials and datasheets.

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