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Best IoT influencers on Instagram in 2016

From hard core electronics to awesome use cases, check out the top IoT Instagram accounts of 2016!

Melissa Eisenberg article author avatarMelissa EisenbergDecember 19, 2016
Best IoT influencers on Instagram in 2016

While there are lots selfies and food pics, these influencers have created unique IoT applications for the builders and tinkerers of the internet. Here is our collection of top Instagram influencer accounts this past year:

  1. @adafruit: 43.7K Followers.
    Adafruit posts awesome photos of their products, projects and office life. Worth following for the cool tools, videos and great company culture.
  2. @rasperrypifoundation: 40K Followers.
    As the most popular board in all of the tinkerer world, Raspberry Pi’s instagram highlights their team, their customers and the maker community. Worth following for the fun, light hearted posts and of course the #babbagebear.
  3. @hellotechnology: 31.3K Followers.
    To get your fix of electrical circuitry on HelloTechnology. Every post is a different, extra technical project, from computers to programming to automated things.
  4. @electronoobs: 28.1K Followers.
    From tutorials to hacker projects, Electronoobs is a great resource for newbies and intermediate builders to learn how to make new and innovative things.
  5. @artduino: 27.8K Followers.
    This guy has a vast collection of shields and microcontrollers to play with. He featured his pixelated projects as well as some retro automated toys.
  6. @atmelcorporation: 26.8K Followers.
    For everything shields, circuit boards and complex applications of electrical and IoT building, Atmel produces beautiful images of builder tools
  7. @4hackrr: 14.2K Followers.
    4hackrr produces interesting projects across different types of fields, from music to LED lighting. Worth watching their videos to geek out.
  8. @rd_iot: 10.3 Followers.
    This account is a collection of varied demos, from voice recognition to sensors and smart buttons.
  9. @sparkfun: 9K Followers.
    Along with awesome products, Sparkfun has a really fun feed of hacker projects, office life and parodies.
  10. @insta_electronic: 7.5K Followers.
    For all of the influencers in one place, @Insta_Electronic rounds up the nicest projects, tools and materials to create a consistent feed of electronically driven IoT.

While we may not have gotten all of them, there are also other awesome accounts worth noting: @estefanniegg and @el_sweetpeas

Cheers to a new year of IoT posts!

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