Building an IoT Holiday

From motion controlled Christmas lights to smart toys and gift trackers, the photon is going to work.

Melissa Eisenberg article author avatarMelissa EisenbergNovember 21, 2016
Building an IoT Holiday

The Holidays with IoT

Build something different for the holidays with your wit and technical know-how. We’ve rounded up some of the best projects to help your home and gifts stand out this year.

Smart Christmas Lights

Control your Christmas lights by the wave of your hand. This project uses two photons. One uses a PIR sensor to detect hand motion and send an event to the Particle Cloud. The second is connected to the lights and turns them on/off by subscribing to this event.

Controllable, tactical toys

See the weather forecast through your favorite building blocks. This project pulls data from the web ( and sends it to LED Legos. You can choose a different weather channel by altering the code.


A real time mailbox

See when your gifts actually arrive and get notified by text message. This project uses a Photon and a photo resistor as a mailbox-delivery indicator. It then sends the real-time notification information to an OLED LCD screen inside the house and to a text message.

What are you building for Xmas this year?

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