Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month at Particle

At Particle, we’re celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Enable two factor authentication and get a 10% Particle Store discount code.

Mike Sheward article author avatarMike ShewardOctober 01, 2020
Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month at Particle

For the last 17th years, in addition to hosting Halloween, October has tackled a topic that for many is far more worrisome than ensuring the neighborhood ghosts and ghouls have adequate candy – Cybersecurity.

You see, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. An excuse, if any were needed, to put down your pumpkin spice latte, and take stock of your digital life, to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your online life as secure as possible.

How we are celebrating cybersecurity awareness month

At Particle, we’re celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month in a couple of different ways this year, and if you follow us on social media, you’ll see a few things pop up throughout the month. Today, to get things rolling, we’re going to focus on two-step authentication, why you should use it, and how you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

Particle has supported two-step authentication on Console accounts for some time. Enabling two-step authentication on any online account is one of the most effective ways you can protect it from a couple of common attack types. “Credential stuffing”, for example, is an attack that takes advantage of the fact people like to reuse passwords between different sites. A set of credentials from Site A is compromised and entered into Site B, and voila, access granted!

You absolutely should enable two-factor authentication on your Particle account. If you’re an existing Particle user, log in to the console and select ‘edit account’ from the top right corner of the screen, and toggle two-step authentication to ‘on’. New users are prompted to enable two-step authentication on sign up.

Need More Convincing?

Ok well, if you enable two-step authentication, you can elect to mark the device you are logging in from as a trusted device. This means you won’t be prompted for authentication on that device again for 90 days. Accounts without two-step authentication do not get this privilege.

Still not sold? Enable two-factor authentication and get a 10% discount code

Alright, if you enable two-step authentication in your Particle account, you’ll unlock a discount code for the Particle store good for 10% off your next order*. If that doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

At Particle, we want your projects on our platform to be as secure as possible. This October, celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month with us – enable two-step authentication on your Particle account, and any other accounts where you don’t currently have it, and we can all stay safer online.

For more information on Cybersecurity Awareness Month, you can learn more here. #BeCyberSmart

*One-time use code, device quantity limits apply, full details are presented in the store.