Holiday Cheer Lights

Power your lights with Holiday Cheer from the Internet!

David Middlecamp article author avatarDavid MiddlecampDecember 12, 2014
Holiday Cheer Lights

Happy Holidays from Spark!

Although Spark Headquarters is in San Francisco, CA, our team is usually spread out all over the globe. Last week was the first time that every single Spark team member was in the same room at the same time – an occassion which called for our first big holiday party and hackathon! It was awesome, and we’ll be posting more fun projects from the hackathon soon. In decorating for the party, Christine naturally insisted our tree be internet connected, and so we excitedly set off to work, creating something worthy of a Spark holiday party. Here’s what we built:

Internet connected cheer lights and buttons!

Since it was a party, the lights needed to be something that would engage everyone and be interactive.

We had plenty of Spark Cores, so naturally the decorations could react to input from anywhere in the world. But what should we use as input? If only there were something worldwide…something contagious…something appropriate for the season…But of course! The decorations would be powered by and generate Holiday Cheer.

I hope if you’re reading this that you’re feeling inspired to make your own Holiday Cheer system! Jump over to the Holiday Cheer Lights build post on Hackster to read more about how we put it together.

Happy Holidays!


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