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IoT Developer’s Studio: Testing 1,2

Developer's Studio features a Particle User who has created something worth sharing. This month, we have a test and deployment lamp powered by the Particle Photon.

Melissa Eisenberg article author avatarMelissa EisenbergJanuary 25, 2017
IoT Developer’s Studio: Testing 1,2

‘I’ve always be passionate about IoT and foremost connecting hardware to software. I have been a Particle fan since the beginning when I backed the Kickstarter. Now I have a army of cores, Photons and Electrons doing all kinds of stuff 😉 It’s the hobby I enjoy most! Being creative, inventing, making physical things.”

Bart Jenniskens

Bart created a lamp that measures the build status and deployment of the features and products they develop. With each SCRUM team in their own rooms, he enabled the lamp to be connected to a monitor to display the code quality and deployment state.


The lamp has several modes; Green (all OK), Orange (finished but with errors), Red (deployment/build failed) and Circling blue (deployment/build in progress). The lamp is incredibly visible, reflecting off of the glass walls. No one wants red, of course.

Other teams are such a fan of the lamp that they are requesting their own. The lamp creates a healthy competition between teams to create the best quality products and understand the success of the sprint.


The deployment / build software runs a piece of PowerShell code sending a HTTP POST to a API to Bart which in its turns talks to the Particle Cloud. That is how they control the lamp themselves.

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