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Introducing Particle Edge Geofencing

We are excited to announce the release of Particle Edge Geofencing, now available to all customers on the Asset Tracker plan.

Catherine Zhang article author avatarCatherine ZhangJanuary 20, 2022

What is Particle Edge Geofencing?

Particle Edge Geofencing is an Asset Tracker feature that enables customers to create virtual geographic boundaries and evaluate entries and exits from the zone.

A visual representation of a geofenced area in the Particle Edge Geofencing solution

What are the use cases?

Particle Edge Geofencing is designed for theft detection and alerts for high-value equipment in the following industries.

  • Light electric vehicles: For light electric vehicles assigned to campuses, parks, hotels, and resorts, Particle Edge Geofencing enables the detection of vehicles that unexpectedly exit the restricted premises.
  • Construction equipment: Industry reports estimate annual construction site losses of $400 million in the United States. Particle Edge Geofencing enables theft detection and recovery of expensive equipment such as LiDar scanners.
  • Telecommunication battery: Recent reports have shown theft of batteries from cell towers and other battery storage sites. Particle Edge Geofencing provides organizations with critical information to detect and recover stolen batteries.

Benefits of Edge Geofencing

Unlike traditional geofence solutions evaluated in the cloud, Particle Edge Geofencing unlocks the benefits of processing on the device:

  • Minimize cost: Geofence evaluation on the device replaces the need to publish high-frequency location data for evaluation in the cloud, therefore minimizing cellular costs.
  • Increase reliability: Geofence evaluation occurs in the field even when the cellular connection is unstable.
  • Ease of use: Geofence zones can be configured with no code in Particle Console or by third-party applications via Particle Cloud API. For sleepy devices, Geofence settings will sync to the device as soon as it is available to receive it.

Getting Started

Particle’s default Asset Tracker Settings now includes a Geofence settings tab. Geofence Zones can be updated via Console or Cloud API to enable geofence triggers as part of your location event.

Geofencing settings in the Particle console

For more information on how to start using Particle Edge Geofencing, visit the docs

If you have any questions, contact our Sales team for more information on the Asset Tracker plan.

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