Particle named a leader in the G2 grid quadrant for IoT platforms

We're proud to announce that Particle has been awarded a leader position on G2’s grid quadrant for IoT platforms.

Steve Bower article author avatarSteve BowerDecember 12, 2022

We’re proud to announce that Particle has been awarded a leader position on G2’s grid quadrant for IoT platforms. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and reflects our commitment to making sure customers have the best possible experience with Particle.

At Particle, success isn’t only about creating an industry-leading IoT platform; it’s also about empowering our customers to build connected experiences that will revolutionize their businesses—and this award is proof of that commitment!

What makes the G2 assessment most exciting for us is that it’s based on customer-submitted reviews of their own experience with the Particle Platform-as-a-Service. The team at G2 reads self-submitted, voluntary reviews from users of the platform, and uses that candid, honest feedback to measure how various IoT Platform providers stack up.

The G2 Grid Quadrant award recognizes Particle for its industry-leading innovation in developing an end-to-end solution for building and scaling connected products quickly and easily. Our platform enables businesses of all sizes to create connected products—without having to worry about the complexities of hardware design, firmware development, or cloud deployment—all within one unified application development environment. Our services team ensures that customers receive world-class, expert support at every step of their journey.

Customer Highlights

“Particle cloud services and dashboards are the real add-on value here. Dashboards provide quick ways to deploy FOTA, monitor your fleet, SIM card integration for cellular devices etc… are crucial to managing an IoT fleet.”

“The ability to build apps without dealing with the infrastructure”

“I switched to Particle because of the built-in connectivity. I am a novice at microcontrollers, so anything I can do to simplify the process is well worth it.”

“Particle makes it easy to onboard and connect to cloud. It provides an ecosystem, which reduces dependencies on multiple platforms which helps with easy onboarding, monitoring and troubleshooting of your IoT applications.”

See how Particle stacks up against other IoT platforms and solutions.

You can learn more about G2’s assessment methodology here.

We are honored by G2’s recognition of Particle as a leader in its Grid Quadrant for IoT Platforms. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products coupled with unparalleled customer service has enabled us to build solutions that empower organizations around the world to develop connected applications faster than ever before.

We look forward to continuing our mission of unlocking possibilities through connectivity!