Streamline incident response with the new Particle + ilert integration

The Particle Team article author avatarThe Particle TeamDecember 05, 2023
Streamline incident response with the new Particle + ilert integration

Reliability is crucial for any IoT deployment, and when issues inevitably crop up with devices or infrastructure, responding swiftly prevents costly downtime and poor customer experiences.

We know fast and effective incident response can be a pain point for IoT developers. That changes today. Particle is proud to launch a new integration with ilert, an industry-leading DevOps response platform. 

With the Particle <> ilert integration, teams can now:

  • Receive rich alerts from Particle devices in ilert, ensuring issues get proper visibility
  • Configure automated escalations in ilert to notify on-call engineers if alerts are not addressed promptly
  • Leverage ilert’s chatbots to communicate alerts across platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Create post-incident reports in ilert to enable continuous improvement

The integration allows Particle device data to seamlessly activate workflows in ilert. For example, critical sensor thresholds from a Particle Boron can trigger SMS and phone call alerts to technicians through ilert. Or outage alerts from fleet devices can create incidents in ilert with automatic escalations to ensure an on-call response.

With these capabilities, IoT teams can reduce incident resolution times, improve uptime, and create transparency around system reliability. Together, Particle and ilert provide an end-to-end solution for connecting IoT infrastructure and enabling robust incident response workflows.

To learn more, visit the ilert integration guide in the Particle documentation. We look forward to seeing how you can use ilert to continue elevating the Particle ecosystem!

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