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Particle Workbench: supercharge your IoT development with professional tools

Code faster, compile where you want, and say goodbye to frustrating toolchain management, Particle Workbench is optimized for your IoT development needs.

Will Hart article author avatarWill HartApril 16, 2019
Particle Workbench: supercharge your IoT development with professional tools

Particle Workbench brings everything you need for IoT development into a single tool. Built on Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Workbench adds Particle-specific integrations to help make you more productive. This is our most powerful, professional IoT development environment yet and starting today, it’s now generally available with our custom, cross-platform Particle installer with support for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and macOS — download your copy today.

Code faster, work more efficiently, compile where you want, and say goodbye to the frustration of toolchain management. Particle Workbench includes these features right out of the box with a hassle-free installation.

  • Compile where you want: local or cloud
  • Stress-free toolchain management
  • Built-in version control and debugging
  • Flexible deployment: over-the-wire or over-the-air
  • Code complete with IntelliSense for Particle device libraries
  • Quick installation experience for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Image of the Particle Workbench welcome screen.
Download now and supercharge your IoT development here.

Professional tools to support your product development

When your job is to build connected solutions, it’s essential to use professional tools to help you along the way. Workbench builds upon all the great features you already love about Particle and adds even more powerful, professional tools to help you succeed.

Take for example Workbench support for cloud and local compilation. You decide where your code is built, but that’s just the beginning. Thanks to a powerful Dependency Manager, your toolchain automatically stays up-to-date no matter the compile location you choose.

Native support for git and debugging, giving you the ability to collaborate with colleagues and more efficiently troubleshoot bugs. And flexible deployment options mean you can use over-the-wire or over-the-air device flashing depending on your project requirements.

Open source, customized for you

Under the hood, Workbench takes advantage of all the great features you already know and love about Visual Studio Code and adds powerful, Particle specific capabilities.

Workbench is built on Visual Studio Code not just because it’s the experience developers love for a desktop environment, but also because of Microsoft’s commitment to open source. Visual Studio Code enables an ecosystem of customizable themes and extensions all with continued investment in powerful features that support both embedded and web development.

Get started with Workbench now

Whether you’ve tried a Workbench Developer Preview or this is your first time using the tools, the new installer is quick and doesn’t require a deep understanding of cross-compilers or development toolchains. Installation takes a few clicks of the mouse before you’ll be coding.

The installer is smart enough to check your system to determine if you have Visual Studio Code installed or not and knows what to install without any need for user action. Because of this, the installer is safe to use if you already have Visual Studio Code on your machine.

Download Particle Workbench here, dive into the docs, and let us know what you think in the community forum.