Particle’s key takeaways from CES 2024

The Particle Team article author avatarThe Particle TeamFebruary 05, 2024
Particle’s key takeaways from CES 2024

Attending CES is always a pleasure, delivering insights that will inform Particle’s mission to enable the evolving world of IoT products and experiences through connectivity. Our time spent exploring innovations alongside partners and customers provides perspective for empowering development across this ecosystem.

Gaining Industry Insights

Witnessing the never before seen technologies unfold across the show floor sparks thoughts on what comes next and how Particle can continually empower boundary-pushing for connected technology. Our team loved checking out the latest innovations, in anything from AR interfaces to drones, that indicate where IoT capabilities may expand moving forward. 

Plus, conversations with partners and customers delivered helpful feedback for addressing real-world gaps as we polish and improve the Particle platform.

Relationship Building

Particle team at CES booth

We value opportunities like CES to engage directly with customers and partners through both networking events, run ins, and scheduled meetings. Discussing capabilities over drinks, meals, and other events often sparks ideas or reveals opportunities to explore. 

These interactions are key to further developing a comprehensive IoT ecosystem with our partners. They not only enable the creation of connected products but also allow us to better support clients throughout their entire product development journey. The relationships built and strengthened at CES will guide future improvements as we aim to keep pushing IoT capabilities forward.

Until Next Year, CES

Particle devices set up at CES booth

Our team is energized by what we learned and who we connected with while in Vegas. The insights and relationships gained will undoubtedly shape our direction, ensuring we provide pathways for innovators across IoT fields to keep building groundbreaking connected products and services. We look forward to the collaborative opportunities these conversations make possible.

And to everyone that we didn’t see this year, can’t wait until 2025!

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