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Raspberry Pi joins the Particle Cloud

We're excited to announce that Raspberry Pis can now connect to the Particle Cloud. Run Arduino code on your Pi, update firmware over-the-air, manage fleets of Pis, and read sensor values over the internet. Sign up for the Beta and view our sample project!

Zach Supalla article author avatarZach SupallaNovember 15, 2016
Raspberry Pi joins the Particle Cloud

If you’ve kept your eye on the Particle forums, you may have seen this coming. In 7 days, all 10,000,000 existing Raspberry Pi’s will be able to connect to the Particle Cloud! We’re limiting the first wave of access on November 22 to the first 1,000 developers to sign up for the beta. You can sign up by clicking the button below, or read on for more product details and our first Particle project on Raspberry Pi.

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New Features for your Pi

The Raspberry Pi is already the world’s most popular low-cost computer, and a powerful development tool for building connected projects. Connecting your Pi to the Particle Cloud gives it a few more key features that will make building IoT projects with your Pi easier than ever.

  • Simple Arduino Code: Use the existing Particle Web IDE, and program your Pi with Wiring. No more complicated tooling, setup, or scripting to perform simple tasks like trigger a pin, blink an LED, or read a sensor value.
  • Over-the-Air Updates: Safely reprogram code running on your Pi’s one at a time in the Web IDE or as a fleet of devices in the Console.
  • Batch Script Execution: Remotely execute customized scripts on groups of Raspberry Pi’s using the exec command.
  • Remote Data Collection: Collect and publish data to the Particle Cloud, or store it locally by logging it on your Pi.
  • Integrations: Integrate with IFTTT, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

A Particle-Enhanced Pi Security Camera

We couldn’t wait to start building with Pi’s on the Particle Cloud, so we didn’t. Behold–the World’s first Particle-connected security camera based on Raspberry Pi!

This project includes a motion sensor, camera, and neopixel LED rings that will illuminate and automatically capture a picture of intruders in your house, night or day. In addition to being the cutest way to protect your home from intruders since the discovery of puppies, this security camera will also publish all photos to the web, alerting you of trouble even if you’re out of the house.

Want to learn more about the project, or build your own security camera? Read more about this project in our docs.

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